DEJAPAN Point Matcher: buying stuff from Japan just got twice as fun

Hi! This is Kei from DEJAPAN.

Sometimes people ask us if we have a loyalty system, with points and member levels, like some other proxies do. Welp, not right now. And this got us thinking.

‘Loyalty’ means ‘not shopping anywhere else’, right? Even if the item you want’s only available on a different website, you can’t transfer credit to rival shopping services… so why bother?

Why bother, huh… that bugged us. If we can’t give you a good reason to bother, we’re kinda screwed. So if your points are the main reason you stick with a proxy, let’s fix that.

Got points saved up somewhere else? Show us, and we’ll match their value.

We’re calling it the DEJAPAN Point Matcher. (ディジャパンポイントマッチャ―) Mostly so we can make lame ‘matcha’ puns on our Twitter account. Don’t judge, okay, we’re trying to help you out here.

The point is… you get to double them

This offer’s open to all Japan shopping proxy users who don’t have a DEJAPAN account and haven’t ordered with us before. And we assume you’ve got points with a rival, or else there’s nothing to double. We’re not gonna name our competitors here, but we’ll likely know whoever else you’re signed up with. You don’t need a minimum number of points to qualify, even if doubling 1 or 2 would feel super weird.

(Existing customers – chill, this one’s not for you, but we have other cool stuff planned so watch this space.)

Send us screenshots that confirm the points you’ve saved up on an active account with another Japanese proxy service. Once we verify it, we’ll match your points with equal value DEJ credit. You’ll need to make a DEJAPAN account, if you haven’t already by then.

1 point from a different proxy’s worth 1 yen for shopping with us. Simple. Use it for buying from Rakuten, Amazon Japan and Yahoo! Shopping, for making bids on Yahoo! Auctions, or for sending us item requests from other websites.

No membership levels you’ve gotta spend more to reach. No restriction on how you split credit between items and shipping (prohibited items still can’t be bought). And no rush – DEJAPAN credit lasts for ages, so take your time browsing our website.

Enjoy double the credit you’ve earned, without starting over.

Use the contact form for the DEJAPAN team, or send us an email with ‘Point Matcher, I choose you!’ in your subject line/message, and let’s get started.

Terms and conditions

This offer’s open to new DEJAPAN customers only.

Send us at least 1 screenshot, with proof of:

  • An existing, active account with a competing Japan proxy shopping service
  • You being the owner and sole user of that account (same name and email address)
  • The number of points on that account

We’ll accept emails direct and via our contact form, Facebook messages, and Twitter DMs, as long as screenshots are uploaded with your message or replies. If we can’t confirm that you qualify, we can’t give you this offer.

You must use the same email address that’s on your qualifying proxy account to register with DEJAPAN. Anyone who tries to register multiple accounts, and/or claim the same points more than once, will be banned from using our service.

Points will only be matched as credit in yen on an active DEJAPAN account. We won’t give out coupon codes, cash, or any other forms of credit. The value of credit in your local currency depends on the yen exchange rate at the time you order.

DEJ credit’s valid for 1 year from issue, in principle. Whenever you use DEJ credit to order with us, the remaining credit balance stays valid for 1 year from that order date. Any credit not used within the time limit will be deleted from your account.

The DEJAPAN Point Matcher offer’s open until 6pm Japan time on April 1st, 2018. Nope, not an April Fool.

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