A guide to using the Nendoroid Face Maker

Yeah, there’s a Nendo Face Maker website out! You can order the faces you make, for the Nendoroid bodies you already own. Until an English version’s available, we’ve made a guide to using the Nendoroid Face Maker website in Japanese.

Step 1 – create an account

You need to have a Japanese address and phone number to register, for delivery.

If you want, you can use ours. Put this postcode in the boxes next to the 〒 symbol – ‘547 – 0033’ – and hit the grey button below it to automatically get the address. One of the boxes will still be blank: type in ‘1-6-1 DEJAPAN’ to complete the address.

For the phone number, use: 06-6796-9669. If anyone calls us, we’ll email you.

(When it comes to arranging the delivery from us to you, see the end of Step 4.)

Anything with the red 必須 kanji next to it is a required field. You have to fill those in. All the fields are, in order:

  • Name (last name, first name)
  • Name in furigana (last name, first name)
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address (put it in both boxes to confirm)
  • Password (put it in both boxes to confirm)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Wanna receive the mail magazine? (top option for yes, bottom option for no)

And then hit the button at the bottom to continue. Damn, that form was too long to screencap! We’re hoping they make a global version in English for everyone to use, even though that means this guide won’t be so useful any more…

Once you’ve finished signup and you’re logged in, the right side of the homepage will change.

Step 2 – decide the basics

There, you get a message saying ‘login complete, are you ready to Nendo face?’ Okay, that’s a very rough translation, but that’s more or less what it says. Hit the green button below the cute Nendo to begin the face maker.

You can make 2 faces per order. The cost of an order is between 1,080 yen and 1,480 yen (including tax), depending on the option you choose. Use the drop down box to pick a face combination. The first bit says ‘choose an option’, duh.

One of them’s always an ‘original’ face, which you make however you want. The second one can be an ‘original’ face or a ‘noppera’ face. A ‘noppera’ face isn’t printed, and will arrive blank. So that’s what costs a little less if you pick ‘original + noppera’.

After that, you choose whether you want your designs shown in the ‘Everyone’s Faces’ gallery. It’s a special page on the site, and also shown at the bottom of the homepage. The site admin will check the latest faces every so often, and pick new designs for the gallery. Those faces can be shared on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Be careful here – the top option means no, and the bottom one means yes. Make sure you pick ‘no’ if you’d rather the world didn’t gaze on your creations. Decide, and the button below that will turn green, and you can continue to the next screen.

Step 3 – start making faces

So, you’re met with a totally blank face. Time to design one.

You’ve gotta lotta options here. There are 16 parts of the face to make, with some in the sub-menus:

  1. Eyes: shape
  2. Eyes: eyelids
  3. Eyes: pupils
  4. Eyes: glowy bit 1
  5. Eyes glowy bit 2
  6. Nose
  7. Mouth
  8. Eyebrows
  9. Cheeks
  10. Other: face paint
  11. Other: moustache
  12. Other: mole 1
  13. Other: mole 2
  14. Other: mole 3
  15. Other: scratches
  16. Other: wrinkles

You get a preview of every detail. Use the direction arrows to move parts, the plus and minus signs to edit sizes, and the spinning arrows to rotate. The white button bottom right removes whatever you just placed.

If you’re making 2 original faces, don’t forget to switch to the second one when the first’s done. You can see what you’re working on from the yellow bit and the ‘1’ or ‘2’ at the top. If the other one’s a ‘noppera’ face, you won’t be able to switch.

Custom options and colours

The Nendo Face Maker gives you the freedom to create whatever face you can think of. The customisation choices are intense. You can even decide whether to design each eye individually. Heterochromia Nendo? Completely up to you.

Can’t decide what eye shape your Nendo should have? Well, duh, there are at least 10 to choose from. Settling on a shape, style, and colour combo could take you hours.

Or maybe you already decided. See those 2 buttons to the right of the OFF one? The first means ‘order history’ – you can see and re-order any face you’ve made before. The one after that is ‘Everyone’s Faces’. Yes, if you’re really that uninspired, you can order a finished face that someone else made.

Please take screenshots of your finished faces. We’ll need them to match your order to your info.

Step 4 – check out

The best thing about the Nendoroid Face Maker is that it’s not just a game. Once you’ve designed some faces, you can order and pay for them. The green ‘finished!’ button at the top right is hard to miss.

Checkout works as it does on most other websites. The green button is ‘go to checkout’. The yellow one is for paying via an Amazon Japan account, if you’ve got one.

Up to you whether you want to pay by credit card or PayPal. You’ll know the difference – one says ‘PayPal’ and one doesn’t.

When the order’s complete, you’ll get a confirmation email. Custom Nendo faces are made from scratch, so they’ll take up to 14 working days to arrive at the Japanese delivery address. If you send it to us, we’ll then arrange international shipping to you.

You’re gonna need a DEJAPAN account for the delivery bit, so please also make sure you register on our website. After that, email us the order details so we can match it to your account. Please please please remember to include the screenshots of your Nendo faces. If we open up a random box of unidentifiable faces, we might not be able to forward it to you.

Step 5 – have fun with your new creations

When the faces arrive, stick them on any Nendo you like. Maybe you made a face with a specific character in mind. Or maybe it’s a design that works on whoever. Anyway, have fun detaching and reattaching new faces. That sounds wrong, but we can’t make it sound any better.

We covered faceswapping a bit in our blog post about Nendoroids, if you need some inspiration.

Make a (^_^) face not a (T_T) face

Be brave, and give the Japanese version of the Nendoroid Face Maker a try.

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