Japan’s weirdest Father’s Day presents

June 18th is Father’s Day in a lot of countries. Including Japan, the UK, the USA, Canada, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

We decided to take a quick look at the gifts Dads in Japan could be getting this year.

Yes, we literally typed the Japanese for ‘Father’s Day’ into the search box and checked the results. Give it a try, it’s really easy to use.

Scalp D medicated shampoo

Few things say ‘I love you, Dad’ like confirming his bald spot’s more visible than he thinks.

Scalp D is intended to prevent hair loss, as well as offering more skin/follicle protection than normal shampoo. The research behind it showed that male pattern baldness and thinning hair are partly caused by scalp issues.

What does the D stand for, exactly?

The hair treatment range was developed and formulated in medical labs. And the ingredient list’s suitably scientific, along with spearmint leaf oil, citric acid, and soluble collagen.

We guess giving this as a present would show that you care?

A box full of cooked eel

Unagi – eel – is a bit of a delicacy. It’s a surprisingly popular gift, along with crab and high-quality cuts of meat.

The unagi comes pre-cooked and sliced, frozen and delivered in vacuum bags for freshness, and arrives ready to enjoy. Most, if not all, of the listings confirm it’s authentic Japanese eel. Each bit is roughly one portion. If you’re feeling generous, let Dad have the whole lot.

It beats most burgers, put it that way.

For gifts, there’s often a special message on or inside the box. This one says ‘thanks always, Dad’.

Antibacterial, deodorising shoe dryer

Anyone who’s ever taken a hairdryer to wet shoes will love this. This dryer circulates the air around the inside, getting rid of dampness and bacteria at the same time.

Like a shoe rack full of warm air.

Because this is a Japanese invention, it comes with a Japanese plug. You’ll need an adaptor… and a way of balancing out the voltage.

The ‘handy beer server’

Pouring a beer isn’t easy. Get the angle wrong, and you’ll end up with a cup full of foam.

The ‘handy’ beer server solves the problem. Attach it to the top of an open can of beer. Pour, and delicious golden beer comes out. The foam’s only poured if you hold down the button.

Works with small and large cans of beer.

Interestingly, the server’s battery powered. It creates ultrasonic waves to make more, smaller bubbles in the beer, so that it pours smoothly. That’s a bit clever.

Beer sold separately (lots of it).

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