From USJ to you: where and how to buy Universal Studios Japan merch online

The east side of Japan can keep Tokyo Disneyland (and Disney Sea). Osaka’s got Universal Studios Japan, and we like it that way. Any visit to Kansai should involve a mad dash for ‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’ tickets. It’s part of the excitement.

USJ-only limited edition goods are hard to find and buy, if you’re not in the country. DEJAPAN‘s here to make it a bit easier with proxy shopping services in English. Compare your ordering options below:

Request from the official USJ online shop

Great, you think. They sell this stuff online! And then you get to the page, and it’s all in Japanese. Well, damn.

You don’t need a Japanese address or credit card. Or any idea what kanji mean. Not when you can just paste the URLs into our item request form. With the item name, any options, quantity, and the price (no comma).

Read the full guide to using DEJAPAN’s item request service.

Send your request and pay, and we’ll buy the items on your behalf (if they’re available). Keep in mind the USJ online shop doesn’t allow orders to be changed or cancelled. So we can’t do that either, sorry.

Domestic delivery costs 750 yen per order – unless you spend 8,000 yen or more before tax, in which case it’s free. If there’s a domestic delivery charge, it’ll be added to your 2nd payment.

Amazon Japan, Rakuten, and Yahoo! Shopping

These Japan shopping sites give you options when you put ‘USJ’ or ‘USJ限定’ in the search bar. It’s a mostly even split of search results, giving you more choice. You can check if there’s a domestic (within Japan) delivery charge on each item page.

Some fun ideas to get started with:

You name it, chances are it exists. Think we’re kidding? This is Jurassic Park underwear.

It’s possible to dress up, accessorise, feed yourself, protect your smartphone, and decorate your kitchen shelves with nothing but USJ stuff. People – lots of people – visit the park in head-to-toe Minions or Sesame Street gear. Makes the Tokyo Disney fans in their Mickey Mouse ears headbands look underdressed.

Yahoo! Auctions Japan

Sellers on Y!A are often USJ fans. And it’s mainly merch bought in person – items you can only get inside the park. You’ll find older, rarer stuff, and brand new goods people listed as soon as they got home. (Always check the item condition before bidding!)

Go straight to the right category:

Fair warning, some ‘buy it now’ prices are jacked up. Happens a lot with rare/random items. If the goods are worth it to you, no problem. Otherwise, look for auction listings with bidding at more comfortable amounts. 100 yen’s a popular starting price.

That’s what we call ‘universal’

We don’t care if you bought an annual pass or not. Come to DEJAPAN for authentic Universal Studios Japan merch. Buy, bid, and request items for global delivery, with no service fee.

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