Nature Conc: take your skincare routine back to the natural, moisturising basics

Knock yourself over the head with moisture-boosting face products – it’s Nature Conc. What a name.

Brighter, clearer skin, thanks to science

The ‘yakuyou’ kanji (薬用) in Nature Conc item names mean ‘medicinal use’. That label applies because they’ve got some skin brightening effects. It’s separate from ‘proper’ medicine – results are visible but mild, and you don’t have to order from a pharmacy.

Cleaning your face is important, as if we need to tell you. Getting dead skin, oil and dirt onto some cotton and in the bin is easy with lotions. Pure water’s great and all, but can lack cleansing power. Unless you rub your face like you’re trying to take off skin layers. Don’t do that.

These formulas don’t leave that ‘fresh’ tingly after-effect like heavier ‘medicated’ products, either – they’re all marketed as ‘alcohol free’. But if you know you’ve got allergies and sensitivities, double check the ingredients list before ordering.

If the science isn’t enough, get a second consumer opinion. Nature Conc products are rated 90%+ for user satisfaction. On, they’re both ranked higher than 5 stars out of 7.

Nature Conc Moisture Gel

Claims to replace up to 6 steps in your beauty routine: face lotion, body milk, face cream, essence/serum, face packs, and base primer. It’s cool if you don’t do all those things already.

The ‘secret’ to the Nature Conc all-in-one moisture gel is fruits and veggies. Grapefruit extract, artichoke extract, and white strawberry extract. (Please don’t try and eat this product.) They’re joined by more typical ingredients, like collagen, ceramides, hyaluronic acid for hydration, and vitamin C.

Oh yeah, and placenta extract. Porcine (pig), if that helps. We told you not to eat it.

Using placenta as a beauty treatment’s become a bit of a health fad here in Japan. You can get placenta drinks in drug stores and conbinis. The melanin content’s said to encourage clearer skin, and the nutrients increase moisture and oxygen/blood flow levels.

The gel has 5 key benefits:

  • skin brightening
  • skin tightening
  • holds moisture
  • prevents dry/rough skin
  • softer skin texture

Well, we expect a ‘moisture’ gel to do most of that stuff. Tightening up skin while still moisturising’s an interesting combo. It’s not technically an anti-wrinkle cream, but if it works nearly as well then that’s awesome.

Nature Conc Clear Lotion

A facial cleanser to use in the mornings – so they say. If you’d rather use it to take your makeup off before bed, fair enough. It’s been reformulated a few times, along with the gel.

Over 10 extracts of fruits and flowers go into Nature Conc’s clear lotion, including apple, kiwi, lavender, and aloe, along with evening primrose oil. There’s placenta extract in the mix as well, as if you weren’t expecting that by now.

When applying, be kind to your face. Watch this kinda awkward dance demo to see what we mean:

Sweep out from the centre of your face, go around the edges, circle your nose, then pat pat pat to finish. There’s no need to scrub, as gentle motions do the job. (Doing the rest of the dance is up to you.)

The lotion’s got 6 similar benefits to the gel:

  • skin brightening
  • removes dead skin
  • holds moisture
  • prevents dry/rough skin
  • can replace morning face wash
  • better absorption into skin

It’s a clear liquid, but check the results on the cotton pad after use. Yum! That’s what just came off your face. It’s meant to work equally well on your hands, neck, and cleavage. Don’t worry if you ain’t got cleavage… neither do we.

A splash of nature straight to the face

Stock up on Nature Conc lotion and gel online – order from DEJAPAN with no service fee.

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