PenLa penlights: shine bright like your idols

A wota without glowsticks is like… a duck without a quack. Invisible. Easy to miss. There’s no way you’d be able to do this empty-handed, for a start.

But it’s trickier than that. If you’re not waving the exact right colour, how will idol-senpai notice you? SKE48 even gives each member 2 colours, so you’ve got to double-hand it or risk stanning the wrong girl.

PenLa’s become a go-to name in pretty colourful sticks. Made by a company called TurnON, which makes total sense if you work in marketing… but we can’t not laugh at that.

Battery power means these penlights last longer, with no need to ‘break and shake’. Take your PenLa collection along to every concert. Once you work out which type you like as much as best girl.

PenLa Cute

Hey, someone made a cute one! Kawaii~

PenLa Cute lightsticks come in every standard oshi colour. Even black. They last 4-6 hours on a full battery, more than enough for a decent idol concert plus encore.

The tiny size (under 18cm long) adds cuteness, and it’s light enough for you to hold 3-4 at once. That’ll be why all PenLa models come with a wrist strap – wouldn’t wanna hit another wota in the face.

Mix PenLa Pro

Comes pre-programmed with 24 standard colours. Hey, some people need 4 shades of pink and 3 shades of orange. Here’s the full list:

  1. Red
  2. Engine Red
  3. Rose
  4. Blue
  5. Light Blue
  6. Ice Blue
  7. Aqua Blue
  8. Yellow
  9. Light Yellow
  10. Orange
  11. Passion Orange
  12. Yamabuki Orange
  13. Green
  14. Yellow-Green
  15. Light Green
  16. Peppermint Green
  17. Emerald Green
  18. Pink
  19. Peach
  20. Sakura Pink
  21. Violet
  22. Purple
  23. Lavender Purple
  24. White

You can set custom colour orders – or leave it to cycle through them all, forwards or backwards. A handy auto-lock function stops you accidentally pressing stuff during kami songs.

The memory function remembers your settings, even if you take the batteries out. You’ll know when you’ve done that – in Pro penlights, the batteries rep half the total weight. Speaking of, battery life’s about 4-8 hours.

Finish customising with the free sparkly handle stickers. They’ll go with the blade whether you choose a PenLa Pro in glittery ‘kirakira’ or plain ‘white’. Keep an eye out for those options with other PenLa models, too.

Mix PenLa Hybrid

Compared to Pro, the Hybrid versions boast stronger brightness (how is that even possible) and longer battery life. It’s also made in a Large size (25cm long), giving you more options.

The other main difference between the 2 types is the shape. The Pro’s rocking a thinner hand grip with a more rounded base. Makes the light-up blade bit look wider, but it’s the same size on both.

Both the Pro and Hybrid ranges have heart-shaped and star-shaped penlights, with the same colours, glitter/white designs, and deco stickers.

Mix PenLa Thunder

If 24 shades just ain’t enough for you, add your own. The 5 colour LEDs in Mix PenLa Thunders mean some real precise customisation. Other versions let you set patterns and stuff, but only the Thunder has the ‘make new colours’ function.

Arrange the shades and the order however you like. Perfect for DD fans of groups with enough members to enter their own Olympics team.

And it’s got 2 brightness modes: LOW (Eco) and HIGH. On Eco, the battery can keep going up to 15 hours. The average is 10-ish, if you stick to a single colour.


In idol fandom, the O in ‘UO’ used to only mean ‘Orange’. So PenLa-UOs in a bunch of colours show how far we’ve all come. Sure, you’ll still want orange ones for special moments. But there’s something a bit special about a UO as well.

Pick from 2 types – Pure or Neon. The blade on Neon models looks more transparent. Switch on a UO, and you can adjust the brightness: level 1, 2, or 3. A rechargable battery’ll create a stronger glow than standard disposable ones.

Be warned, level 3’s bright. Brighter than any other PenLa. And, uh, we don’t suggest keeping it on too long. With the power of a million suns (close enough), at level 3 the UO gets kinda hot… and the battery life drops to 2.5 hours max.

Light up your life

PenLa is far from the only penlight brand you’ll discover on DEJAPAN. Get straight to those, or check out and compare other glowsticks.

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