Samantha Kingz: royally stylish bags and wallets

So, maybe you’ve heard of Samantha Thavasa. ‘Big in Japan’, but not as a foreign talent, or the wife of some famous guy. Nope, Samantha’s a big umbrella brand for 15 handbag, accessory, and lifestyle chains. Like:

  • Samantha Thavasa – sweet and cool bags inspired by New York
  • Samantha Vega – adult casual bags with practical designs
  • Samantha Tiara – trendy, luxurious jewellery for ‘women who know how to enjoy themselves’
  • No.7 Samantha Thavasa – elegant golfing wear with 7 feminine elements
  • sweets by Samantha Thavasa – candy that creates sweet moments to make you happy

Kingz by Samantha Thavasa – Samantha Kingz – is the men’s bag and accessory brand, with a ‘business casual’ style. (We think the ‘z’ in Kingz is to be edgy.)

Princes gotta start trying harder

Samantha Thavasa’s pulled out the big guns to make men feel like kingz.

Other Samantha brands are repped by international superstar Miranda Kerr. In their ‘meets’ ads, to get trendy couples buying together, the face of Samantha Kingz is Exile’s Takahiro.

He’s the guy Japanese guys wanna be. And there’s a series of ‘sickeningly cute and rich couple’ handbag CMs to rub that in your face. The text on screen is ‘one love inside your bag’. Hey, if there’s space for love in there next to your house keys, go for it.

Everyday goods, fit for royalty

The Kingz lineup’s got leather wallets, tote bags, clutch bags, cross-body bags, accessories, travel pass cases, pens and pen cases, neckties, socks packaged to look like neckties, underwear, and belts. Everything’s made in Japan – made in Tokyo, no less.

This vid isn’t subbed in English, but you’ll get the idea:

That kind of care and attention to detail comes with a price tag. We’re gonna level with you, this isn’t a budget range. Think of Samantha Kingz items as… investment pieces.

The quality’s high enough to see at a glance, and the materials are super durable. The camo pattern’s a Kingz original – so’s the waxed ‘croc canvas’ effect. And some stuff’s fully waterproof (on the outside).

They make enough of each Samantha Kingz item that it won’t be one-of-a-kind, but it’ll look like one.

Collections also known to sell out fast. Especially if they just appeared on TV, hanging off Takahiro’s shoulder. So if you get your hands on a Samantha Kingz bag, you’re part of the lucky few.

Commuter style… taken to an extreme

In what could be the weirdest collab ever (it’s in our top 3, easy), Samantha Kingz has a range inspired by… Keio trains. Fun fact time! The ‘o’ sound in Keio (王) is the kanji for ‘king’. Makes total sense now.

Keio runs 7 train lines in the Tokyo area. The main line goes from Shinjuku out to the suburbs, and the Inokashira line links Shibuya and Shimokitazawa. So a lot of people know what these trains look like.

The Kingz x Keio business tote bag’s designed in 500-series train colours. And the necktie patterns match the seat fabrics. They’ve been kinda Samantha-fied, but side by side you can totally see it.

Maybe it’s just us, but… we don’t know if we wanna blend into our train seats. What if a random dude tries to sit down on top? Can’t have him squishing our lovely waterproof manbag.

For fashions and cool stuff, Japan rules the world

Kingz by Samantha Thavasa goods are easy to find online. Whether you’ll spot the bag you want before it sells out is another thing. DEJAPAN’s here with hundreds of Japanese web shop and auction search results.

Buy from anywhere, with no service fee and international delivery. Look for Samantha Kingz on Rakuten Japan and Amazon, and on Yahoo! Auctions Japan.

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