Wave those arms in the air: Wakirina armpit care

We’ve all done it. Stood there in front of the mirror, holding our arms up. Looked, and looked, from every angle. Then sighed. “Awwww man, I wish I had nice white armpits like a ballerina!”

Japan wants to grant you that wish. Grab your tutu and hold on tight.

Armpits that are always on point

Wakirina cleanser and powder – specialist body care… for your pits.

The name ‘Wakirina’ combines ‘ballerina’ with ‘waki’ (脇, armpit). Y’know, because ballerinas spend all that time with their arms in the air. (That’s ‘5th position’, btw.) And they’re expected to keep up the self-care: diet, exercise, and looking after their bodies. You’ll sometimes see ‘lifestyle of a ballerina’ articles in fashion and beauty magazines.

Armpits don’t get much time or attention in a morning routine. At least, not from us. A quick shave, wash, some deodorant, and we’re ready to go. It’s not like we do that stuff every day, either. When long-sleeved tops exist, why bother?


Wakirina Deep Cleanser

On the shelf next to your face wash, body soap, hand soap, nail cream, foot wash and hair treatments, let’s hope there’s room for some armpit cleaner. Maybe some day, if this goes too far, we’ll clean every part of our bodies with a different product.

Look out, here comes a new ‘inside of your left elbow’ wash…

With the power of both baking soda and exfoliating scrub, the deep cleansing cream gets rid of dark patches and rough skin. It works its way into pores to wash them out. Like a mini armpit massage.

Now there’s something you can’t find anywhere else. We’d never even heard of armpit massages being ‘a thing’ before this. Walk into a beauty spa like “hey, can you focus on my pits?” and you’re getting kicked out for sure.

The deep cleanser’s ‘pure soap’ scent boosts that ‘clean and fresh’ feeling. It’s not subtle. Lift up your arm, and maybe you’ll start seeing bubbles float out from underneath. Depending on the state of your armpits when you started, that could be a serious improvement.

Wakirina Cover Powder

Made in a ‘natural beige’ colour, to cover dark spots and stubble (tiny hairs). So… it’s armpit concealer.

We should point out now this won’t cover proper armpit hair. A day’s regrowth, stubble shadows, okay, should be fine. Hair long enough you could braid it, no chance.

Once applied, the cover powder acts like roll-on deodorant to stop you sweating. That’s thanks to the added tea leaf extract and stink-busting persimmon. Plus, the acerola fruit extract, lemon extract, chamomile extract and Vitamin C keep your underarm skin cared for.

Hey, this sounds like a great face powder. The compact’s the right size. And the powder’s also pure soap scented, just like the cleanser, which is great. If it was the lemon and acerola, we’d be tempted to eat it.

You’ll want to do a pirouette with your pits out

Get the perfect, bright and sweat-free ballerina armpits you’ve been dreaming of. Make a DEJAPAN account to order Wakirina cleanser and powder from places like Rakuten Japan and Amazon.

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