Win a gold medal in buying from Japan: order from the Tokyo 2020 online shop with DEJAPAN

Hey, the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo aren’t all that far off, huh? Maybe living in Japan makes us heavily biased weebs, but we’re loving the official Tokyo 2020 merch. There’s a dedicated site up and running for all those items, so let’s take a look.

A whole Olympic team’s worth of official goods

Scroll down past the banners, and the Tokyo 2020 online shop homepage looks like this. At least, it did when we uploaded this blog post:

Browse the site categories down the left-hand side:

  • Commemorative goods
  • Apparel
  • Zakka (random stuff)
  • Home and kitchen
  • Stationery
  • Sports
  • Other types (Family/baby, Business, and Japan-style items)

You can also search by design in the list below that, and wow, there are a lot of those:

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo
  • Tokyo 2020 Paralympic logo
  • Japan Olympic Committee (JOC) logo
  • Japan Paralympic Committee (JPC) logo
  • Anime character designs (for the JOC and JPC)
  • Kumiichimatsu design
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic ‘Cropping Design’
  • Go For 2020! graphics

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic logos seem easy to transfer onto all kinds of things. Plus – big plus – they don’t look ugly as hell. Yeah, those geometric patterns and strong colours lend themselves really well to merch. Nowhere is that more striking than on the yukatas, part of the Summer Collection.

(Has to be yukatas for this, not kimonos. You can’t wear a kimono in summer, trust us on that… unless heat exhaustion’s your kink.)

The designs literally weave Japanese tradition and legends into the fabric. Take the pair of yukatas (men’s and women’s) with the ‘Seven Treasures’ pattern, as the best example. Interlocking ovals that create more circles, like the Olympic rings. It’s such a cool idea.

If you’re looking for something more souvenir-ish, check out the official Tokyo 2020 chopsticks, fridge magnets, mugs, and keyrings. And the hundreds of other things on the site (there are over 100 T-shirts and over 100 sportswear items, for a start).

A lot of stuff’s summer-themed, obvs: hand fans, towels, hats, water bottles, etc. Useful to own every summer, even if the Olympics isn’t on that year.

Damn, it’s making us feel kinda patriotic, and we’re not even Japanese.

Let’s say you wanna try and buy some of this stuff. What happens then?

Turn a modern pentathlon into a 100-metre sprint

To be honest, the official site could be easier to order from. Understanding Japanese is just the beginning. The only credit card you can pay with is Visa – worldwide Olympic sponsor, so duh. And orders can only be delivered to addresses inside Japan. No international shipping? That’s not very sportsmanlike.

Every time that happens, our advice is always to request items via the DEJAPAN website. We’ve written a guide to using the request form before, but we’ll explain it here for you too.

Keep a tab open for every item you’re interested in. You’ll need the URLs, and the product images, for later.

As long as all items come from the same website, they can be requested together. Keeps things simple.

Copy in the URL, item name (Japanese or English), price (no comma needed), options, and quantity. Prices shown on the Tokyo 2020 merch site include tax, so you don’t have to break out the calculator.

And this is a great time to upload those pics (optional, but preferred). That way, we can quickly check and inspect items when they arrive.

Leave comments in the box if you need to. Stuff like ‘I’d like this in size M’.

Add more items to the order, or click ‘confirm request’ to go through to the next step.

BUT before doing that, double check all the info you’ve put in. If any details are wrong, we might not be able to process the order.

The next page looks like this:

Give it another look over, then carry on to your cart. You can’t edit item details at this point, but you already checked them twice so it should be fine. Check the ‘add to cart’ button to take items through to checkout.

At this stage, keep in mind the Tokyo 2020 official goods shop doesn’t allow orders to be changed, cancelled or refunded after they’re made. That all means we can’t change, cancel or refund things either. So be 100% sure you want all the stuff before going through checkout.

To complete your order, you need a DEJAPAN account. If you don’t have one already, signup’s simple. Once you’re logged in, you can buy from loads of different Japanese online shops and sellers, and bid on Yahoo! Auctions Japan.

Choose a payment method, follow the rest of the checkout steps, and confirm. We’ll pick up your request, check it over, and buy all the items on your behalf. Because we do this manually, we can’t guarantee any item’ll still be in stock or the same price at the time we buy.

You’ll get an email when your order’s at our warehouse. Log back in to start arranging the international shipping. Pick a bunch of options and pay for delivery, and we’ll get your Olympic haul sent out.

Leap those online shopping hurdles with DEJAPAN

Buying from Japan’s as easy as falling off a diving board. Use DEJAPAN for quick, easy access to loads of Japanese websites and goods.

And for more info on our item request service or anything else we do, email the DEJAPAN team any time.

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