KiU rain goods: you’ll be praying for a downpour

For anyone who’s ever wondered how often it rains in Japan: it’s a lot.

We have ‘rainy season’ and typhoon season’ every year, so we get through loads of clear plastic umbrellas. That, and we turned rain boots into a religion.

One of 2018’s most popular Japanese brands for rainwear is KiU. They make rain ponchos, umbrellas, boots, and waterproof accessories like bags and hats.

The KIU concept

The go-out style, anywhere you like.

The jolly plants dance along with the drops of happy rain they have all been longing for.

KiU wants you to enjoy where you are, no matter what the weather there’s doing. And being honest, rain’s more likely to… uh… dampen your enjoyment of a place.

The name ‘KiU’ is from the kanji for ‘joy’ and ‘rain’ – 喜雨, ki and u. As a word, ‘kiu’ in kanji means ‘welcome rain’. Like the downpour you hope’ll just happen already, when it’s crazy hot and fields are drying up.

And that 2nd line about ‘jolly plants’ cracks us up like we’re dehydrated.

Mi kasa es su kasa

Is it worth buying an umbrella all the way from Japan? Sure it is. Countries that get decent amounts of rain know how to make ’em to last.

Let’s start with KiU’s ‘tiny umbrella’. A light and compact option, at only 17cm long when packed away. No more hanging a long umbrella handle off your elbow. The ‘tiny silicone umbrella’ has a stretchy loop on the end of the handle, to wrap around your bag.

It opens out to a decent size, considering how small it starts off. So you get the best of both worlds: an umbrella that’s easy to carry, and shelters you properly when it matters.

The other one to watch is the ‘air-light umbrella’, in normal and large sizes. It weighs 90g (130g for the large) – about the same as a smartphone. That doesn’t mean your umbrella’s gonna blow away at the first sign of trouble, though!

And as a bonus, you can use any KiU umbrella when it’s not raining. They’re all made to create substantial UV protection, and work really well as sun parasols.

Don’t let rain dampen your style (or smile)

KiU rain jackets and ponchos come in several sizes – men’s, women’s, and kids’ – with and without sleeves.

Each one’s plastic coated, and has a water-repelling finish. KiU made a set of limited-edition ponchos for the 2018 Fuji Rock Festival, so you know they’re durable.

Ponchos with sleeves have velcro wrist fasteners, and a pretty big hood. Pair the non-hooded ones with a waterproof rain hat.

The (almost all unisex) designs are stylish, many with rain-busting bright colours. It’s a shame none of the adult models look happy to be wearing a KiU poncho.

Were they told to look like they’re being rained on?

We wanna see more enthusiasm! That confidence, when you know you can run around outside in a rainstorm and stay totally dry. Exactly what a child would do.

That’s more like it.

Keep your socks dry… even knee socks

Waterproofs are all great, but the most inventive thing in KiU’s range is ‘packable rain boots’.

They fold and roll down, to become insanely compact. Perfect for shoving in a suitcase on camping/glamping trips, hiking, and holidays in places known for being kinda damp.

And yet, unrolled they’re knee length. (Note: if you’ve got short legs, they might be even longer…) KiU makes other ‘long rain boots’, in grownup shoe sizes, but even those are shorter than the packable ones.

Use the drawstring on each boot to tighten the fit, so raindrops don’t start rolling down your legs. We think the drawstring’s another clever thing about this design – how many other wellies tie up like that?

Waterproof goods to put away for a rainy day

Can you see angry grey clouds in the sky outside? Stay indoors, and shop online with DEJAPANDiscover the KiU umbrella and rainwear range on our website.

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