Star Wars Meishou Movie Realization figures: think they’re pretty damn cool, you will

Our realisation: if these characters showed up in the movies, the story would’ve played out real differently.

Introducing the Star Wars Meishou (‘great commander’) Movie Realization figure series. A line of high-quality poseable models, inspired by the Star Wars films… and with traditional Japanese twists in their designs.

The finish is strong with this one

Kicking off in late 2014 with a kick-ass ‘Samurai Major Darth Vader’ showed this series means business.

Look at it. The insane level of detail, the smooth mix of samurai and Sith Lord features, and the fact none of that looks weird. It’s incredible.

And that isn’t even the only Movie Realization Darth Vader figure. There’s a ‘DeathStar Armor’ version as well. Japanese Imperial Army symbols on the original model are swapped out for flashy gold Death Stars.

Aim for those in a sword fight, and you can’t miss. You might get shivved by a lightsaber katana first, though.

At last, they’ve revealed themselves to us

Just when you thought you couldn’t handle any more Darth, along comes warrior monk Darth Maul.

His double-ended lightsaber’s repped by 2 curved red swords, real similar to the ‘naginata’ blade monks were known for using. And that face looks scarily like a demon kabuki mask.

Back in medieval times, Japan’s warrior monks were powerful – and ready to kick butt to protect their temple. Yep, we can see that. Only difference is that they worked in groups. Maul’s never been good at teaming up.

Are these the toys you’re looking for?

The Dark Side battalion’s bulked out by different kinds of Stormtroopers:

That iconic Stormtrooper helmet shape fits right in with ‘ashigaru’ (foot soldier) body armour. Back in the old days, they put in the legwork so samurai didn’t have to. Not much changed in a few thousand years, huh.

You’ll need something to go in the background

Supporting characters get the Movie Realization treatment too, in a literal show of Force. When this post went live, there were figs out for the Royal Guard, ‘ronin’ clones Boba Fett and Jango Fett, and C3PO the translator bot. We’re expecting more, so watch this space.

(And we’ve got our own hopes for the series. ‘Mountain hermit’ Jar Jar Binks, anyone?)

Any time the Emperor’s Royal Guard is around, you’re gonna know about it. Their presence’d be imposing enough, but they’re also bright red. And kinda tall – there’s a minimum height for Royal Guards, meaning these figs are a bit bigger than Storm Troopers.

The Fetts make perfect sense as lone wolf mercenaries. They’re the deadliest bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe. They both sport instantly recognisable Mandalorian armour. And that innate sense of honour’s undeniably Japanese.

If only they’d added 45 more Fett clones, for a ‘Star Wars 47 Ronin’ bumper pack.

It’s hard not to love how well the old-school samurai style fits C3PO. It’s like that hand fan was always there.

A cushy translation job keeps clever people away from fights, so Threepio’s fig doesn’t come with weapons. What it does have is moving parts (the eyes and mouth), so you can pretend he’s making fun of R2D2.

Build your army of authentic Japanese figures

We’re not gonna say we’re ‘your only hope’ for buying epic stuff like this from Japan. But seeing as we don’t charge a service fee or commission, sticking with DEJAPAN’s a tactical advantage.

Collect the Star Wars Meishou Movie Realization series online.

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