Motif.zakka: random lifestyle ideas on repeat

There’s never been any rule saying that ‘functional’ has to be ‘boring’. And we’re glad. Having Motif accessories and stuff around makes life way more interesting.

As far as we can tell, the Motif brand’s run by an Osaka company called Sincere. No concept, no brand history… that we’ve found. They’re keeping it mysterious, letting the weirdness of their items shine through.

‘Motif’ is a common brand/product name in Japan – a bunch of furniture companies slapped it on their sofas. But when you’re looking at something – anything – from the Motif.zakka lifestyle range, you’ll know.

Our experience with Motif merch so far’s been: we had no idea we wanted this, yet weirdly now we do. And we think you’ll feel that way too, after you’ve read this.

Tech-obsessed astronauts

You’ve got 3 astronaut smartphone stand choices, for a start. ‘Motif’ does mean more like ‘a repeated theme’ in English, so seeing more than 1 shouldn’t be a surprise.

Space cadet training now involves holding and carrying your stuff. Choose the spaceship pencil case, and a team of 4 mini astronaut erasers come along for the ride.

All suited up and ready for adventure! Even if that adventure includes fixing your writing mistakes. With their heads or limbs. Every space mission’s got that element of danger.

Super helpful animals

Get a house-trained pet to hold your glasses or carry your watch, prop your phone up, and give you bits of sticky tape. No need for those ‘sit’ or ‘stay’ commands, they’re not going anywhere.

These items are rare chances to see zoo animals out of their cages (okay, not real ones). Penguins, pandas and polar bears – we’re seeing a theme here – do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Food all over the house

Drink mugs that look like jam jars. Glasses case that looks like a hot dog. Pen pouches that look like coffee filters… with Engrish typos front and centre. Readers from Brooklyn, look away now.

Having this stuff in the kitchen makes it look like you bought more food. Yay!

Yeah, we know, reaching for a ‘doughnuts and coffee’ box and only finding tissues can be disappointing, if you forget. Your other option’s sticking your hand into a whole roast chicken.

Or let a guest do it! Imagine your friends’ faces next time they visit. ‘Oh, bless you! It’s cold season, huh. You wanna blow your nose? Sure, here’s a chicken, go ahead.’ Act like it’s totally normal.

The stuff we can’t explain

Someone at Motif decided a grenade-shaped coin/key case was a great idea. They even designed one to include the trigger. Maybe not enough to get you pulled aside at airport security (we hope), but expect double-takes.

For the full military-style co-ordinated effect, match them with the camo-design camera case, and the neck pouch that looks like night vision goggles.

At least the sleeping bag and toolbox pen cases don’t seem as… risky. Still weird, though.

Make that randomness more of a lifestyle pattern

Adding small, weird items to your life’s the best way to freak people out.

You can easily buy Motif zakka lifestyle goods direct from Japan, via the Sincere stores on Yahoo! Shopping and Rakuten Japan. If you spot them anywhere else, make a custom order with our item request form.

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