How to buy Neon Genesis Evangelion goods from the official Eva Store online, with DEJAPAN

That you can order official Neon Genesis Evangelion goods online shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise. But the question’s always ‘what the hell do I do next?’. The overseas buying guide isn’t all that detailed – and you’ve still got to muddle through checkout in Japanese.

Don’t let anyone call you ‘baka’ – we’re gonna show you how to order from the Eva Store in English.

The Eva Store on Yahoo! Shopping

Search DEJAPAN for ‘EVA STORE’ (yeah, in all caps) and you’ll find stuff direct from their Yahoo! shop.

You’re gonna see a huge variety of items. Eva works as a theme across every style of clothes and items: punkish, geeky, smart, kawaii, and hipster. If there’s space to slap a NERV logo or Rei’s face on something, assume they already did.

Ordering through DEJAPAN keeps things easier – you’ve only got 1 website to deal with. We order items to our warehouse, repack/combine if needed, and ship back out internationally.

The Eva Store website

Merch on the official site‘s split up by category, and by character. Words and phrases to look for:

  • シンジ – Shinji
  • レイ – Rei
  • アスカ – Asuka
  • マリ – Mari
  • カヲル – Kaworu
  • ミサト – Misato
  • 新着商品 – new in stock
  • スマホ – smartphone
  • フィギュア – figure
  • 生活雑貨 – lifestyle goods
  • 衣服 – clothes
  • 限定 – limited edition

Some items are exclusive to the Japanese web shop – 1 more reason to check it out. And you can sometimes spot Eva Store Tokyo-01 limited edition goods on there, too.

You have a lot to browse through here, so keep a tab open for each thing you’re interested in. You’ll need the details from that product page to make a request – more on that below.

Choices are tough, but requesting’s simple

Send us item requests through the DEJAPAN item request form. Y’know, the one with the real catchy name. It’s not just for the Eva Store – you can request from loads of J-websites. To double check if we can order something, contact us before you make the request.

There’s a full guide to using the request form here. Let’s give you a quick rundown:

Enter the item URL, item name, options (size/colour) or tick the box if ‘none’, price (no comma), and upload a product pic. That image isn’t optional, but it’ll help our warehouse team handle your order when it arrives.

The ‘add more items’ button does what it says. All requests made in 1 order must be from the same website. Put any special requests, questions, and notes in the comments box.

Helpful hints:

  • Check if the item page price includes tax (税込) or not (税別・税抜).
    (If you don’t add it here, we’ll include it in your 2nd payment instead.)
  • Option and quantity are required fields, please don’t assume we know you only want 1 of each.
  • We can’t change the number of items after they’ve been ordered, either.

Confirm all those details on the next page, and click ‘Add to cart’ to do exactly that. If there are any big differences, or you’ve left info out, we may cancel the order, so please double check it before continuing.

That, and the Eva Store doesn’t let you cancel, exchange, return or refund anything.

If you’ve made a mistake, they only give you 12 hours to fix it – we can’t guarantee we’d do that in time. And if you cancel an order, or refuse to take the delivery, they ban you from using the site ever again. So please be completely sure before hitting that ‘confirm’ button.

Log in, go through checkout and make 1st payment on our website, and we’ll process and complete your request. Shouldn’t be long until it arrives at our warehouse – you’ll get an email with next steps from there.

The Eva Store charges 648 yen for domestic delivery (inside Japan) per order. That’ll be added to your 2nd payment as well. Unless you spend over 10,800 yen in 1 go, in which case domestic shipping’s free.

Break Japan’s AT field for official Eva merch

Get that Rei plushie in your damn cart, Shinji.

For all things Neon Genesis Evangelion, Japan, anime, penguins, UCC coffee, and guys in glasses, come to DEJAPAN. We don’t charge a service fee or commission on orders (including requests).

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    Get that Rei plushie in your damn cart, Shinji.

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