How to order from the Sanrio Japan and San-X Japan online shops with DEJAPAN

For the most kawaii merch you’ll ever see in your life, go straight to the source. The Sanrio and San-X web stores give you a crazy amount of cute options. And DEJAPAN’s here to help you buy stuff from both of them.

Sanrio Japan online store guide

Yeah, we know there’s an English-language Sanrio site. Look at the item lineups on there and the Japanese online shop side-by-side, and you’ll see they’re nowhere near the same. 

As a big example: plushies.

Soft, huggable cute things you can’t resist, yeah, let’s show you those. The Japan online shop has more plushies to offer – hundreds more, when we checked.

A wider range of stuff, and in wider categories. We’re officially calling it no contest. For buying many items, the Japanese store’s the only way.

Search by character (キャラクターから探す) – there are pics, no name explaining to do there – or by item category (カテゴリーから探す):

  • ぬいぐるみ・マスコット – plushies and mascots
  • 携帯・スマホグッズ – smartphone goods
  • 小物ファッション・アクセサリー – small fashion items and accessories
  • アパレル – apparel (clothes, shoes, socks, PJs)
  • キッチン・バス (お風呂) トイレ – kitchen, bath and toilet goods
  • 家電 – home electronics (alarm clocks, room lights, calculators)
  • 文房具 – stationery
  • トラベル・アウトドア – travel and outdoor goods
  • ビューティー・ヘルス – beauty and health

That’s only about half the list!

Now imagine all those item types for this many characters – Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Gudetama, and tens more – and you’ve got your work cut out.

San-X Japan online store guide

There’s no official shop in English – you’ll find sellers, but the San-X site itself is Japanese only. For some (limited, rare) items, it’s the only way.

Items are split by characters and categories, in the same way as Sanrio’s website. That means just as much variety and weirdness to explore

The other drop-down menu is ‘(important) keywords to pay attention to’ (注目キーワード). Those links’ll help you get straight to new releases, restocked items, seasonal merch, and gift selections.

Use the list above, and these other useful words:

  • 限定商品 – limited edition items
  • 新商品 – new items
  • コラボ商品 – collaboration goods
  • ブックス – books
  • オーダーメイド – order-made
  • ギフトセット – gift sets
  • 全てみる – view everything

Rilakkuma (リラックマ) and Sumikkogurashi (すみっコぐらし) are the 2 big character names to search for. San-X likes that ‘double k’ thing, huh? Don’t forget Sentimental Circus (センチメンタルサーカス). And check out some of the names you don’t recognise – you might discover a new fave.

DEJAPAN item request form

Keep track of the URLs for every item you’re keen on. You’ll need them, and what’s on the product pages. 

Looking for something specific? Need help with the Japanese item info? Email us with any questions before putting your request in.

Here’s how the request form looks. (We tried to keep things simple.) You might wanna bookmark the full walkthrough blog post, as well.

Copy-paste in: the item URL, item name (English or Japanese), size/colour (tick the box if none) price (no comma), and quantity. Both sites show their prices with tax included (税込).

You don’t have to upload an image. But it helps our warehouse team check the right item’s turned up. So if there’s a pic, add it to be safe.

The comments box is for… comments, yeah. Anything else we need to know.

‘Add more items’ and repeat the steps if you’ve got multiple kawaii things to order. Every item in a request must come from the same website. So you can do a Sanrio order, then come back for a San-X order, but please don’t mix and match.

Once you’ve listed everything you want, read back to check for typos. When you’re ready, click ‘confirm’ to carry on. You’ll see a confirmation screen, with all the details you just added.

You can double check info here, but not edit it. Which is why we had you do that on the screen before. So if it’s all good, move on to the next step.

Tick the ‘add to cart’ box, and it’s time to take that cart through checkout. Once items are ordered, both the Sanrio and San-X stores have a no cancellations, no returns, no exchanges and no refunds policy.

You’ll need to log into your DEJAPAN account to complete checkout and pay for your items (with PayPal or a credit card). First-timers can make a new account here.

Leave (most of) the rest to us

After filling out and sending the request form, please wait for us to confirm your order.

If there’s a domestic delivery (to our warehouse) charge, we’ll add it to your 2nd (shipping) payment.

On the Sanrio store, it’s 540 yen as standard, dropping to free if you’ve bought over 4,320 yen of stuff. The San-X store’s fee is 680 yen per order, or free if you spend over 10,800 yen. In both cases, some special items don’t count and have a delivery charge anyway.

We’ll email when your request order’s complete. Once it all arrives at our warehouse, log back into your DEJAPAN account to combine items, choose packaging options, and arrange delivery.

Collect as much kawaii from Japan as you can

Our item request form works for buying from loads of Japanese websites. With DEJAPAN proxy shopping, you get extra English support (like this post) for zero service fee.

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