FIVEISM x THREE = makeup we can all enjoy

Yeah, there’s a real cosmetics line out there called FIVEISM x THREE.

(The X is said out loud as ‘by’, like you’re doing times tables.)

And that’s because it’s a line produced ‘by’ J-brand THREE cosmetics. Their holistic approach to makeup’s based on 3 pillars: Natural, Honest, and Creative. And their range is aimed at the skin, body, and mind.

Imagine all that multiplied by (at least) 5.

One concept, for each different person

There are a lot of sets of 5 in this world. Senses, continents, Olympic rings, lines on a musical staff.

The ‘fiveism’ in FIVEISM x THREE isn’t pillars this time! It’s their 5 ‘roads to individuality’:

  1. Limitless possibility
  2. Power of simplicity
  3. Purity of thought
  4. Strong vision
  5. Self-expression

Your own thoughts, and your way of living, are the ‘-ism’ bit. Everyone’s unique, different, their own person. If you want to, you’re free to go anywhere. Don’t be bound by rules, walls, gender, age limits, or discrimination.

Where does the THREE come back in? Addition, not multiplication. See, 5 + 3 = 8. Turn that number on its side, and you get… infinity. Infinite, limitless possibilities. Whoa.

FIVEISM x THREE’s brand symbol has similar meaning, with 5 dots inside and outside a circle.

The circle’s an loop, endless, yet already complete. A boundary to be challenged, broken, slashed through the middle and stepped over on your way to bigger things. The dots are the basic elements that form the world. In Japanese/Chinese mythology, those are earth, fire, air, water, and wind.

So… a lot of deep thought’s gone into this concept. A lot of number crunching. And the same effort’s been put into making sure this makeup reflects those core values. (Looking good while it does.)

Be yourself, no matter who that is

From the start, FIVEISM x THREE’s been branded and reviewed as ‘makeup for men’. Some items have that – the masculine theme, or literally ‘for men’ – in their names, too.

The official website’s ‘how-to’ makeup guides have guys showing off the example looks, and rocking them.

But don’t let not being a dude stop you here. It’s useful info for everyone who needs it. Like for makeup newbs who’ve never experimented with styles or colours. You’re getting a grounding in the basics.

Sure, all of the written help’s in Japanese, but you can follow the visual steps on their YouTube videos.

Both the clean monochrome website design, and the cosmetics (style and packaging), look genderless to us – and we see that as a good thing. With the strong concept, this brand should be one we can all wear with pride.

Plus, the naming’s fun. It’s not nail polish, it’s ‘nail armour’. No highlighter here, only a ‘reflector bar’. There’s something called ‘the definitive emulsion’… and the ‘makeup remove bar’. This, we like.

Give your face an even more unique look

To try and make makeup that’s truly for everyone, you need variety. We’re all individual, with our own tastes, skin types, and routines. Bits we want to cover up, or show off.

And we’ve all got colours that suit us best. The matching shades that make our skin look healthier, and our eyes brighter. When it comes to cosmetics, there’s really no 1-bottle-fits-all solution.

Something we admire about FIVEISM x THREE is the range’s full commitment to variety.

Like the 15 foundation (okay, ‘naked complexion bar’) shades, all with male names.

That’s more skin tone colours than some Japanese (and global) makeup lines for women offer. Hell, we’ve seen foundation ‘ranges’ with 2 shades. Can’t help but be impressed by FIVEISM’s inclusivity.

Add 5 contour bars, 6 concealers, 5 moisturisers, 10 nail colours, and 3 shades of ‘lip defense’. And more.

Think how many hundreds of colour combos there must be, when you start mixing and matching. You’ve got the variety, and power, to give yourself a face like no other.

Individuality’s something everyone should treasure

FIVEISM x THREE makeup might just help you find your look. Browse through their online shop, and come to us if you need help buying from Japan.

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