Move over, Cinderella: ‘Emma’ glass slippers

99.9% chance it’s a copyright thing… Anyway, these not-quite-Cinderella shoes by Japanese maker Nakamura Glass are called the ‘Emma’ range instead. They’re fairytale-style glass slippers you can really try on for size.

(p.s. if you’re not a fan of feet, look away now!)

Make sure you get a pedicure first

These super see-through high heeled shoes are made for proposals and weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. The heels are around 4.5-5 inches tall (11.5cm).

You can either pick up a pair (両足) on Nakamura’s website, or just 1 (right foot) shoe at a time. Only the ‘clear simple’ shoes come paired up – for the others, order a quantity of 2 and you’ll get a left and a right together.

Choose between shoe styles with fancy toe decorations, like a heart, a butterfly, and pink or blue ribbons. Some come with optional sparkly Swarovski crystal details, and the design’s always individual.

If you want, make that shoe even more individual with extra sculpting. Free engraving down one side’s great for little love messages. “Will you marry me?” is the most popular – yeah, in English. If the ‘language of love’ was Japanese, we’d all be stuck learning kanji to impress our crushes.

Engraving and certain small adjustments can be requested up to a year after ordering the slippers – if you’re in Japan. And only if you pick ‘to be corrected afterwards’ when you order. For international deliveries, we always recommend getting it done before having them shipped.

All shoes are made to order – like they’re the only ones in the whole world. The glass is blown and shaped into a high heel by hand. How romantic!

This feels like a good time to point out that Japan does shoe sizes in a different way to other countries… Know the size you need in centimetres before ordering! Shoes can’t be exchanged, and in many cases they can’t be reworked once you’ve received them.

At the right fit, it’s gonna be snug. Socks aren’t gonna work with these heels – tights, maybe, but check the denier count first. Chances are you’ll be putting a bare foot into each shoe.

Feel like a princess, from heel to toe

Yeah, it’s cold glass on your skin. But, once you get used to it… When a group of women tested out some Emma slippers, nobody wanted to take them back off. Hey, a free shoe is a free shoe.

And the company’s never had a report of a shoe breaking, or being damaged, in transit. Ever. But we guess that’s ’cause they give lots of advice on glass slipper safety. Your dream shoes are in good hands.

Will you become a real-life Cinderella with some shoe-shaped glass on your foot? Reading the happy reviews from couples got us convinced. Many men surprised their brides at the wedding reception. A lot of people stepped into their shoe right in front of the Cinderella Castle at Tokyo Disneyland. Some of them cried.

And then comes the other important question: can you walk in these? Nope, not a single step, don’t even try. The glass isn’t designed to take your whole body weight.

When they’re not being worn (so like, 99% of the time), your precious glass shoes can be kept in custom-made cases. You can get a ‘Royal Blue’ or ‘Wine Red’ version… but only if you’ve bought at least 1 shoe first.

Party guests and other nosy people have a better view of the shoe(s) this way, as well. Face it, maybe you don’t want everyone crowding around your ankle.

If the shoe you order fits, wear it

Sizing for Emma glass shoes starts at 21cm and goes up in 0.5cm steps, to 26cm. That’s a generous range of foot sizes, for Japan.

You can use the DEJAPAN item request form to order from the Nakamura Glass website. Follow the request form guide, and ask us about types of protective packaging for the international delivery.

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