Rose of Versailles makeup: paint your face like one of those French girls

On the list of ‘most iconic manga and anime ever’ (and ‘most iconic yuri manga and anime ever’), Rose of Versailles holds a special place in many fangirls’ hearts. It’s got everything: cross-dressing, forbidden love, the French Revolution, and an unhappy ending.

Japan’s typical attitude to keeping yuri fangirls happy is to give them cosmetics. Lipsticks, nail colours, blusher and bronzer, powder, and eye makeup. Hey, it’s worked for Sailor Moon this whole time.

As expected, there’s a similar range of Rose of Versailles makeup out there. We can’t promise all these items are still on sale by the time you read this. But there’s no harm in taking a look for them.

Hydrogel under-eye pack

Cool and comfy on the skin, like putting bits of cucumber under your eyes. Except these Rose of Versailles hydrogel packs contain moisture-rich castor oil and soy bean extract. You’d have to pour dressing on those cucumbers first to get that effect…

Each box comes with 3 pairs of gel pads. The item page doesn’t say they’re reusable, so it’s best not to try. What it does say is that these packs are for ‘age 15 and up’ – teens get wrinkles now? That’s a scary thought.

Stick a pad to your skin under each eye, and let the hydrogel work some magic. (They’re also good for the smile lines around your mouth.)

Foundation (and the refill)

The ‘Oscar & Andre Noble Love Cushion Foundation Compact Set’ is a beautiful thing. You get 2 pieces: an outer compact with mirrors, and a smaller compact to put inside that holds the foundation. Both come in a beautiful presentation box.

Spot Oscar’s saber and medal hiding in the intricate design, woven in with the roses. And that’s a real Swarovski crystal set into the ‘gold-plated’ case. A taste of what the high life was like in the French royal court…

Go for Natural, Ochre, or Pink Ochre, depending on your skin tone. The foundation’s SPF35 and PA+++, and infused with moisturising hyaluronic acid. It’s also claimed to include ingredients that stop you sweating.

One of the mirrors set into the outer compact’s magnified, making it easier to apply your makeup evenly.

Eyelash serum

When we think of yuri manga and anime, we think of long, healthy, beautiful eyelashes. Utena had them, and Oscar’s sporting some deluxe lashes too. Maybe it’s because they use Berubara-branded eyelash serum?

Gently sweep the brush over your eyelashes – with your eyes closed! – to apply the serum. The brush tip is small and soft, less chance of poking yourself in the eye.

It’s a safe formula, as well: no colouring, no fragrance, no parabens, no silicon, no mineral oils. What you can find on the ingredients list is the royal jelly extract, 3 types of orange peel extract, and hydrolysed silk protein.

Eyeliner and mascara

As if to double down on what we were just saying about anime eyes…

You’ve got the choice between black or brown for both the liquid and ‘smooth pencil’ eyeliners. There’s also a ‘brown-black’ colour option with the liquid liner.

For the Rose of Versailles mascara range, Oscar reps the ‘long & film’ type while the ‘curl & volume’ has Marie Antoinette on the pack. They’re both black by default, no colour options at the time we wrote this post.

The eyeliners and the curl/volume mascara are waterproof and long-lasting. Especially that mascara – cry into your handkerchief as much as you need to, it won’t smudge down your face. The other Oscar mascara’s durable, but comes off with hot water.

‘Berubara boom’

For a huge variety of Rose of Versailles merch, search the DEJAPAN website. And if you see more items on sale anywhere else, use our item request form to make orders from other Japanese websites. There’s a guide to filling in the form here on our blog.

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