Face, lips, and chill: Japan’s ‘hinyari’ cooling makeup and skincare trends for summer

When summer in Japan hits, you’ve got the heat and the humidity to worry about. You’ll sweat – no shame, we all do – and maybe start feeling your freshly-applied makeup melting off your face.

There are ways to keep your cool – if you know your Japanese cosmetics. Test out the chilled, summer versions of your makeup and skincare essentials.

Face masks to chill with

We know what you’re thinking. It’s super cold on your skin every time you put a face mask on anyway, right? That electric shock moment when it makes contact… we shivered just thinking about it.

Some masks take the facial freeze a step further.

Hada Labo makes a Shirojyun cooling jelly mask. Saborino’s got ‘cool type’ versions of their morning mask packs. And those 2 are far from the only Japanese sheet mask brands that claim to have cooling properties.

Skin-cooling sunscreen

Sun protection and heat protection, now that’s a nice combo. A sunscreen that cools is double relief on your skin when the sunshine’s getting intense. Look for bottles with names like these:

All of those cooling sunscreens we’ve listed are SPF 50+ with a high PA level. Remember to reapply every so often – and look forward to the next hit of cooling whenever you do.

Primer and base makeup

If you’re in the daily habit of using skin primer, switch to a cooling version for the hotter months. RMK, Ettusais and other Japanese makeup brands give you chilled base makeup options. If your first step’s a typical moisturiser instead, keep an eye out for Dr.Ci:Labo’s soothing aloe collagen gel.

And to skip a step, go straight for BB or CC coverage with a little extra chill. Some brands, like Kose’s Esprique line, put out skin-soothing mineral BB powders and cooling BB sprays in several shades.

Our tip: don’t spray that BB straight into your face! It might not apply evenly enough at first, or you might overshoot into your hair… and up your nose. Spray onto a makeup sponge first, then apply as normal.

Frosty iced lips

We’re thinking of IPSA’s summer lipsticks, themed on Japanese ‘kakigoori’ (かき氷) shaved ice desserts with sweet syrup on top. Maybe the only 2019 lipstick colour range to include a bright green…

Before applying your lipstick, and/or after taking it off, refresh that mouth with a lip pack. Yeah, basically a face pack but for your lips. A popular brand in Japan is ‘Choosy’, ‘chu’ (kiss kiss) and ‘juicy’ mashed together.

As refreshing as an ice cold glass of… whatever you drink. They come in all kinds of fun ‘flavours’ based on the main ingredients, like herb, milk, fruit, and honey – try not to eat one.

Refreshing body sheets and mist

Maintain a comfy temperature throughout your day, with a regular spray. A light, refreshing mist’s perfect for a quick spritz when you’re getting too warm. (Remember to keep your eyes shut.)

Your other option’s a pack of cooling body wipes, which clean and refresh as they chill. Like ‘hiyasheets’ (冷シーツ), also by Biore, a pun on ‘hiyashi’ (冷やし) which means ‘cool’.

That minus number on the pack’s how many degrees it claims to lower your skin temperature by. Not the temperature you’ll actually drop to – body sheets are awesome, but not miracle workers.

Maintain your style, and a comfy body temperature

Japan knows exactly how to cope with summer (and with a freezing cold winter, too). Now you’ve read this blog post, we hope you’re equipped and ready for those warmer months to arrive.

When you’re looking for cooling summer goods from Japan, come ask us. DEJAPAN helps you buy Japanese brands from Japanese websites, with no commission or service fee.

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