The female fashion bible’s now a dictionary: an A-Z of Japanese womenswear brands

Japan has way, way more than 26 fashion brands total, and you know it already – but it’s convenient that there’s at least 1 for every letter of the alphabet. This post wouldn’t fly otherwise…

Click on any brand name in the sub-headers to see each fashion collection on the DEJAPAN website.

Left: Ank Rouge, Middle: Bobon21, Right: Candy Stripper

A is for… Ank Rouge

The ‘romantic sweet casual’ concept of Ank Rouge, and the ‘dreamy girly’ styling, shines through in every item page and shop staff co-ord pic. It’s a pretty, ‘dressed-up’ fashion line through and through – even the ‘casual’ collections don’t look all that casual.

B is for… Bobon21

Sweet style (lots of pink and pastel colours) named after sugary bon-bons. Does that make the ‘Bobon’ bit extra cute, or an awkward typo? See our full blog post about Bobon21 for more on the name, and about this fashion brand overall.

C is for… Candy Stripper

NO RULE, NO GENRE, NO AGE. Keep that playful spirit no matter how old you get. It’s a brave brand name and a bold concept – guess that candy’s a giant gobstopper. Candy Stripper clothes have great names, too… like the ‘Hunk Of Junk’ hoodie and the ‘Stunned Chick’ T-shirt…

Left: dazzlin, Middle: E hyphen world gallery, Right: Free’s Mart

D is for… dazzlin

A more grown-up and put-together look, one that stays soft and approachable for everyday wear. The name might be ‘dazzlin’, but you aren’t gonna find sparkles or sequins in this collection. Think more like coffee dates or cocktail parties than clubbing.

E is for… E hyphen world gallery

Writing ‘hyphen’ out instead of using a dash is deliberate – makes the clothes labels longer, but hey. The main collection always focuses on the basics, core pieces that can be mixed and matched to last through trends. And there are 3 spin-off brands: Mania, Gold Label, and Yukkam.

F is for… Free’s Mart

It sounds kinda like a shop for younger fashionistas (maybe we’re just thinking of 390 Mart too much?), but you’d be surprised how mature the clothes look. You’ll find most Free’s Mart items being sold on Rakuten Brand Avenue (as well as other places).

Left: gelato pique, Middle: Honey Salon, Right: ITS’DEMO

G is for… gelato pique

Mainly pyjamas, very casual clothes and indoor wear. Everything’s got a snuggly kawaii theme and comforting fabric textures, inspired by gelato, smoothies, and souffle too. The ‘dessert of fashion’, so they say – sweetness you can sink into with no regrets.

H is for… Honey Salon (by foppish)

Foppish maybe exists by itself, but Honey Salon’s way more famous. It’s clothing line for women who live true to themselves, and have as much fun and freedom as possible. Honey Salon fashion’s also made to last – these are the vintage pieces you’ll see in second-hand stores in future.

I is for… ITS’DEMO

It’s not just fashion – ITS’DEMO has accessories, makeup, and random zakka goods. The name comes from ‘itsudemo’ (いつでも) – meaning ‘all the time’. Always happy, always helpful, always useful to have around. Plus the ‘D’ can mean all kinds of stuff: Dream, Dokidoki, Doll, Daisuki, you name it.

Left: jouetie, Middle: Kastane, Right: Lodispotto

J is for… jouetie

When a fashion website does weird things, like shake and change colour when you look at the clothes… for some people, that’s how you know you’re in the right place. The concept behind jouetie is ‘mixing things up’ to achieve peak individuality, which should be a surprise to nobody.

K is for… Kastane

We found a weird auto translation online saying that Kastane’s fashion ranges are ‘based on American classical music’. Real style that goes beyond generations and genders. It looks pretty smart-casual and neutral to us, and that isn’t a bad thing.

L is for… (Luminous) Lodispotto

Yeah, that’s technically 2, but they’re similar in name and style so let’s roll with it. Lodispotto is the original brand, and the spin-off Luminous Lodispotto range launched in early 2019. They’re both smart, work-friendly and date-friendly fashion collections.

Left: Melt the lady, Middle: Natural Beauty Basic, Right: one spo

M is for… Melt the lady

Think gothic without the loli, way less bows and frills than brands like Baby The Stars Shine Bright or Metamorphose (for example). Melt the lady still keeps the ‘lady’ bit intact with girly touches, though. And some lighter colours in with all that black…

N is for… Natural Beauty Basic

Y’know, that one Perfume did a tie-up single (Nee/Natural ni Koishite) with. They wore all Natural Beauty Basic clothes and shoes for both music videos. It worked ’cause this is a brand that does what it says on the label. Basics, in mainly natural colours, that you’ll feel beautiful wearing.

O is for… one spo

What does the ‘spo’ mean? We thought maybe it was ‘sports’, but this isn’t an athleisure brand. Their special collections include ‘Tabloid Gossip Girl’ and ‘Backstreet Disco’. Maybe it’s ‘spo’ for ‘spotlight’, or ‘spontaneous’, or ‘spot these clothes a mile away’.

Left: Pink Latte, Middle: Q, Right: Rope Picnic

P is for… Pink Latte

If you’re a tween, or a teen/adult who doesn’t wanna grow up yet (or ever), Pink Latte-fy your whole life with loud-kawaii clothes, bags, accessories and stationery. The ‘Harajuku street style’ inspiration’s super obvious in all the bright colours and fun Engrish.

Q is for… Q♥

That’s the whole name (including the heart symbol). Concept: ‘casual style for going out, aimed at adult women’. Right down to the ‘playful details like buttons and stitches’ on each bit of clothing – no joke, that line made it into the brand description too.

R is for… Rope Picnic

“Life is a picnic.” Yeah, it’s 100% the brand concept you expected with a name like that. The idea is to be totally confident – even adventurous – in your (Rope Picnic) outfits. So every season you’re looking at no-nonsense, practical clothes that get the job done.

Left: Supreme Lala, Middle: titty&Co., Right: Unrelish

S is for… Supreme Lala

No matter how old you get, don’t forget your inner cuteness. Hey, where does ‘supreme’ or ‘lala’ come into that? Never mind. You’ll feel supremely sweet and lovely in these outfits. Compared to the amount of skirts and dresses in Supreme Lala collections, trousers, shorts and jeans are rare.

T is for… titty&Co.

Try not to giggle! The chances of you showing off your chest in titty&Co. clothes is seriously low – this isn’t a sexy or scandalous fashion brand. It’s light and feminine, and the collection experiments with colours and prints every season.

U is for… Unrelish

Easily the most negative-sounding brand name on the list. Ironic that this fashion label’s slogan is ‘enjoy life every day’, with a concept about getting excited by your wardrobe. So you know it’s not all gothic ‘doom and gloom’ with Unrelish, at least.

Left: ViS, Middle: WEGO, Right: Xampagne

V is for… ViS

Nope, not Visvim, that’s the menswear one. ViS believes in the positive power of clothes! The ability to get dressed in the morning, look in the mirror, and know today’s gonna be a good day. If that positive vibe’s your wish in life, ViS wants to grant it for you.

W is for… WEGO

The brand every teenage girl wants to be wearing – and yeah, that means we’re talking ‘Harajuku style’ again with WEGO. It’s cool, trendy, young, colourful, and unashamed. A bit sporty thanks to collabs with FILA and Kangol, and a bit 2D when it pairs up with Sesame Street or Sailor Moon.

X is for… Xampagne

Makers of Erimaki Sox. We’ll leave the description totally to them: Fix your collar. Close your buttons. Make your legs look sharp, my friends. Shirts for your feet. Japanese brand ERIMAKI is ready to turn socks into a legit fashion accessory. and they are DEFINITELY chic enough to show off to everyone.

Left: Yummy Mart, Middle and Right: ZUCCa

Y is for… Yummy Mart

Another ‘mart’, this time a sub-brand of underwear maker Peach John. As well as lingerie sets, pyjamas and loungewear, Yummy Mart’s got swimwear and accessories (bags, purses etc.). Oh yeah, and sometimes cosplay outfits as well.

Z is for… ZUCCa

Alternative (very). “There is a calming feeling and a sense of delight surrounding those who wear ZUCCa. ZUCCa delivers a little spice into our daily lives.” – that’s even on the brand website in English, what else should we even say?

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