【AoT Merch Alert】Eren, Jean, Levi, and Hange in Dog Costumes?!

Attack on Titan is finally, really, actually coming to an end! (We promise this time!) 

The countdown to Season 4 Part 3 (part 2) will finally come to an end on November 4th, 2023, and it will be bittersweet to hear “Under the Tree” for the last time. This incredible anime has been with us for 10 YEARS, and it will be so hard to say goodbye!

But don’t sob uncontrollably just yet! There’s still some fun to be had, like new merch collaborations!

In late September 2023, a new set of Attack on Titan collab goods by merch company Bellhouse was announced!

For this collab, Eren Yeager, Jean Kirstein, Captain Levi, and Hange Zoë are each paired up with a dog breed that matches their personality. The goods feature original art of each character dressed up as their dog breed!

Keep reading to learn more about the pairings, and why they were chosen, and how YOU could win a full set of the acrylic stands!

Eren Yeager & Husky

Despite their dignified (and sometimes intimidating) appearance, on the inside huskies have gentle hearts. They form strong social bonds, but can also be stubborn and independent to a fault.

Much like a husky, Eren’s bonds with his companions are strong, but he can also be single-minded and rash! Anyone who owns a husky also knows that they can also be incredibly single-minded about getting what they want, just like Eren!

Jean Kirstein & Borzoi

Borzoi are a sleek and elegant dog breed, originally from Russia. In general, they’re quiet and calm, but quickly become fixated on hunting when prey shows itself. They are highly sensitive dogs, and are actually prone to becoming nervous, afraid, or anxious!

Despite Jean’s strong abilities in battle, he is sensitive on the inside just like a Borzoi. He has a tendency to be too aware of the possibility of his own death, leading him to confusion and pain.

Captain Levi & Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers are tiny but fierce. Just like Levi! They are sensitive to even the quietest noises, and are lightning fast at catching anything they think is their prey.

Levi’s ability to take down any massive Titan without hesitation (despite his size) is just like a Min Pin!

Hange Zoë & Beagle

Beagles are bright and cheerful dogs, and make friends easily. They are extremely inquisitive, and have a tendency to get completely absorbed in whatever they find interesting, which can make taking them on walks difficult!

Hange is cheerful and friendly, just like a Beagle. However, her similar inquisitive nature and enthusiasm for her experiments can cause her to put her own life in danger!


Which pairing is your favorite?

We’re happy to announce that you have a chance to win a complete set of these goods with just a few clicks, no purchase required! Check out the rules on the Campaign Page!

Entry Period: October 10th, 2023 at 00:00 JST – October 23rd, 2023 at 23:59 JST

Winners will be announced between October 25th and October 31st!

Feel free to submit an order for any of the products featured here (or anything else) via our Request Form.

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