DEJAPAN proxy shopping for business users

What can you buy on DEJAPAN?

Well, what are you looking for? You’ve got access to thousands of shops and sellers. As long as it’s not on the restricted items list, chances are we can help you find and order it.

There are 3 ways to order on DEJAPAN:

  1. Direct shopping (Amazon Japan, Rakuten Japan, Yahoo! Shopping)
  2. Direct auction bids (Yahoo! Auctions Japan)
  3. Item requests (incl. Amazon Marketplace)

Yeah, that means your customers have access to this, too – but you don’t have to tell them that. And we bet they don’t have your epic hunting skills, either. Get the goods before they do, and you hold all the power.

Direct shopping: Search the site to see results pulled straight from Rakuten, Yahoo and Amazon shops in Japan. Rakuten’s Global Marketplace only has 1/4 of the listings their Japanese site has. And Amazon’s been getting stricter on international orders between their different sites. Leave it to us to bypass that.

Direct auction bids: The ‘auctions’ section of DEJAPAN‘s for browsing Yahoo! Auctions Japan. Search, check the description and pics, and bid as normal. We’re here to make that as easy as possible. We can ask the seller questions for you, like if they’re willing to end the auction early, or send the item along with other stuff you’ve won.

Item requests: If the items you want are on another website, request them with our quick form. This also works for stuff on Amazon being sold by more than 1 seller – tell us which price/shop you prefer.

Here’s the official guide to using the DEJAPAN item request form. It’s got a lot of detail, so read to the end. Make sure to upload pics of each item, so our warehouse team can match them with orders as they show up.

How’s DEJAPAN stack up on costs and delivery?

The item price is the item price. Whether you mark it up on arrival’s up to you. As we said, no service fee. That couple hundred yen could be the difference between you being able to win an auction or not.

Choose the free plan option with your orders, and you’ll be able to combine them for shipping (at 100 yen per item). That way, getting as much stuff delivered in 1 go as possible’s simple. We’ve also got packing options, for fragile/heavy items or just that extra peace of mind.

Remember that combining lots of orders and/or choosing lots of packing’ll make the box heavier, but it’ll save time (and probably cash).

We’re happy to make invoices and other documents, based on your needs. State pricing and details for your own purposes, and we’ll email copies over. If you’ve got special requests for a package before it goes out, tell us before or during combination.

Standard shipping options are EMS, FedEx, SAL, Air Mail, and Surface Mail – we can also get tailored rates for DHL and UPS. Ask us for more info, and for a custom shipping quote. Delivery time depends on the shipping method, and if there are local/regional delays.

Where’s the best place to start?

The first thing to do is make a DEJAPAN account. With that, you can start browsing and buying right now. And if you’ve got questions or need help with anything, email our customer service team.


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