DEJAPAN proxy shopping for business users

We’ve got a lot of love and respect for resellers. Buying all that cool stuff and not keeping it for yourself? We admire that level of willpower.

And that effort you put in, every day – copping and flipping the items your customers are begging for isn’t easy. We want to help you out. Buy rare, bulk, HG and one-of-a-kind goods at base price on DEJAPAN, with quick and reasonable shipping.

How does Japan proxy shopping work?

Maybe you know the process inside out, but we’ll give it a quick rundown just in case. If you’ve already tried other proxies, like FromJapan, ZenMarket or Buyee, you can skip this section.

Bid on auctions or buy from Japanese shops and sellers through our website. There are 2 payment steps. Place an order and pay on our website (1st payment), and we’ll go and buy those items for you. They’re delivered to our warehouse in Osaka – to get around the ‘need a Japanese address and credit card’ problem.

Decide on packaging and delivery options, pay for the shipping and any extras (2nd payment), and our warehouse team’ll send it all back out. The fastest delivery methods from Japan take only a few days.

Why buy from Japan (through DEJAPAN)?

Japanese fashion trends and accessories, cosmetics, figures and collectibles, cosplay, and other weird/fun items appeal to a huge range of people. Selling on cool stuff from Japan can be a tidy little business. (We should know.) Just look at sites like eBay, Grailed, Poshmark, Etsy – sellers there are offering loads of Japanese goods. Makes you wonder where they find it all…

There’s a lot of stuff you can only find in Japan, as well. Literally nowhere else in the world has it. Think of the Chanel and Gucci handbag boom, world-famous J-fashion brands like BAPE, visvim, Undercover, and Supreme, G-Shock watches, rare vinyl, and limited edition anime figures.

And sure, maybe that exclusivity bumps the price up, but maybe not. The exchange rate, and Japan’s pricing, could make the goods you need cheaper. Even when you factor in shipping.

As for ‘why us’…

1. Access to Japanese goods and websites in English. 

Hey, there’s that grail you’ve been hunting for all week! Oh wait, it’s on a Japanese website and you can’t read that. We help out with buying from popular Japanese shopping sites like Fril, Mercari, Otamart, Surugaya, and Toranoana via our item request form. Please note there are some sites we can’t order from, but ask us and we’ll do our best to help.

2. We don’t charge a service fee or commission. 

Other proxies charge you that bit extra per order, or even per item. Not us. (Other optional fees and charges might apply.)

3. We give you quick, easy access to stuff you just can’t find anywhere else. 

And to ‘stuff you just can’t find’. Even if there’s only an image or description to work with, we’ll work to source the right item for you.

4. You don’t have to deposit funds before ordering. 

Which also means no transaction or deposit fees on top. Pay with a credit card or PayPal, at the time you go through checkout.

5. You can order stuff that’s not online. 

Ask us about offline ordering, and our ‘in-store pickup’ service.

6. Buying and bidding on items is (almost) 100% automatic. 

You put the order in, our system buys it soon after. No worries if it’s out of stock or you’re outbid, we’ll cancel and refund it. The only exception is item requests from other sites – more on that below.

7. Our warehouse storage is flexible. 

We hold items for free for 1 month as standard. Depending how you do business, storage time limits and fees are negotiable. Don’t be shy, ask us about that any time.

8. We’re humans. 

Whenever you email us, you get through to a native English speaker. Someone with a sense of humour and empathy, who isn’t copy-pasting from Google Translate. We can contact sellers in Japanese on your behalf, and make sense of the answers. We’ll build a proper working relationship.

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