The Best Japanese Sites to Buy Ensemble Stars!! Merch

What’s Ensemble Stars!!?

Ensemble Stars!! (two exclamation points) refers to two separate mobile games, both released on March 9th, 2020. Ensemble Stars!! Basic is an updated version of the original Ensemble Stars! (one exclamation point) idol management mobile game, and Ensemble Stars!! Music is a rhythm game.

Both games feature the same characters, events, and music, just in two different play styles, making the game available even to those of us who aren’t great at rhythm games. The main difference between the Ensemble Stars!! games and other idol management/rhythm games popular today is that Ensemble Stars!! focuses entirely on male idols.

Ensemble Stars!! (Enstars for short) features over 50 different characters belonging to 4 main idol talent agencies, each with their own entirely distinct personality and looks. You’re virtually guaranteed to find one to stan!

Want to learn more about Enstars? Check out the English Ensemble Stars Wiki!

Where can I buy Enstars Merch?

Ok, so now you’re officially obsessed with all these beautiful anime men. So where do you get merch? There are a few options to choose from.

First is through online stores that offer international shipping, like Animate International. However, as you can see, their selection is, well…. lacking. Almost every single item is marked as “Back Order”, which means the items might never actually be back in stock.

Your second option is the Enstars Goods!! Twitter account. This account retweets posts by individuals who are looking to sell or buy various Enstars goods. Buying goods this way isn’t a terrible option, but there are a few potential problems.

  • Since Twitter wasn’t designed to be a marketplace, there’s no safety net if something goes wrong during your transaction.
  • There’s no dedicated reviews function on Twitter, so it’s hard to know at a glance whether a seller is reliable or not, and if they’re selling authentic items.
  • Many sellers are limited in which countries they can sell and ship to, so you may find an item you REALLY want, but be unable to purchase it.

All this makes the third option the best for sure: Buying Enstars merch from Japanese sites with DEJAPAN! This way, you get access to all the latest goods right away, and you can leave all the hassle of dealing with sellers to us!

Which Japanese Sites are the Best for Enstars Merch?


By far the best site for getting your hands on new Enstars merch is Animate. They have all of the latest goods, including can badges, acrylic stands, keychains, towels, you name it! You also have the option to pre-order items, some of which come with special Animate-only bonus items!

Animate offers free domestic shipping on orders in certain cases:

  • Orders of books over 3,300 JPY
  • Orders of CDs over 6,600 JPY
  • Orders of Character Goods (including all this Enstars merch) over 8,800 JPY

If you don’t order enough at once to qualify for these free domestic shipping deals, domestic shipping costs 280 JPY for small items, or 594 JPY for larger/expensive items.

Check out all the Enstars merch Animate has to offer!


Another great option for getting your hands on some new Enstars merch is Gamers. Like Animate, they offer certain pre-order items with exclusive Gamers bonus items, and they have a large selection of goods available.

One downside to Gamers is that they don’t offer free domestic shipping for large orders. Instead, they offer a flat domestic shipping rate for all orders, depending on where you’re located. For us here in Osaka, the rate is 693 JPY.

Check out Gamers’ collection of keychains, can badges, plush dolls, and more

Rakuma (Fril)

If you’re in the market for merch that isn’t being sold in-store anymore, or if you’re looking to get a good deal, Rakuma is about to be your best friend. Rakuma is a flea market style site, where individuals can buy and sell items. There’s an absolutely ENDLESS amount of listings! At the time this blog was written, a preliminary search in Japanese for Enstars merch (keyword: あんさんぶるスターズ) yielded around 40,000 results. It’s a great place to find rare, limited-edition items, too!

Essentially, Rakuma offers what the Enstars Goods Twitter account does, but with the huge benefit of a safety net. Since Rakuma was designed from the beginning to be a flea-market site, there’s much less of a chance of things going wrong.

Additionally, if you choose to order from Rakuma with DEJAPAN, you can pay a small fee to ask us to negotiate the price of a listing, or to request to buy only certain items from a listing. Other proxies can’t do that! Finally, we don’t charge any extra fees for purchases from Rakuma, like we do for some other flea market sites.

Check out all the Enstars listings on Rakuma!

Go Forth and Shop!

Now that you’ve got the inside info, it’s time to get out there and find some merch! Just think what kind of goodies are waiting just around the corner!

Feel free to submit an order for any of the products featured here (or anything else) via our Request Form.

Not sure how to use our Request Form? Check out our Tutorial Article!

Have a question or comment? Shoot us an email at, or leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you.

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