Hanami? Hana-you! Seeing Cherry Blossoms in Your Home Outside Japan

The cherry blossom, or “sakura” in Japanese, is one of the most iconic symbols of Japanese culture.

Sakura bloom in late March to early April in most of Japan. In the southernmost part of Japan, Okinawa, sakura bloom as early as January, while in the northernmost part of Japan, Hokkaido, they bloom as late as May. 

When the sakura are at their peak, Japanese people participate in “hanami,” gathering with friends and family to eat and drink under the cherry trees. After the sakura fully bloom, the petals rain down over the course of about a week, making the short-lived period a highlight of the year.

Right now, the sakura are in full bloom in DEJAPAN’s birthplace, Osaka, and they are absolutely gorgeous. Many people are going out for hanami this year for the first time since the pandemic, making this year’s gathering extra-special!

Seeing Sakura at Home

We get it, not everyone can make the trip to Japan to experience the cherry blossoms. Here are a few ways to enjoy sakura in the comfort of your own home!

The Magic Sakura starts out as a bare tree with no leaves or flowers. But after adding water to the paper base, little sakura flowers start to bloom! After 12 hours the tree will be in full bloom, allowing you to add a magical touch of spring to your home!

The Magic Sakura is available in the 17cm tall original size, or an 11cm tall mini size! I’m tempted to make a little sakura forest in my living room!

Maybe you’d rather not wait for a Magic Sakura tree to bloom. You want pretty flowers NOW!

I get it! Instead, why not try an acrylic sakura bonsai? This absolutely beautiful recreation is made by Toumei, and comes with a wooden box stand you can use like a zen garden! The best part is that the gorgeous flowers will never die, so you can enjoy them year after year!

Like the Magic Sakura, the acrylic bonsai also comes in two sizes: An 18cm tall sakura bonsai, and an 11cm tall mini sakura bonsai.

Finally, why not try these sakura wall stickers? Since many of the stickers are individual, you can customize your design with as many or as few blossoms as you want!

Sakura on the Go

For those of you who live on the go with no time to sit at home and enjoy sakura, why not take some sakura with you?

Tokyo Disney recently released a new 2023 limited edition tote bag, featuring Mickey and Minnie napping under a blooming sakura tree.

If you prefer a more traditional Japanese bag, you could go with a sakura drawstring bag by Hamamonyo instead!

Soak Up the Blooms While They Last!

The sakura season is one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan, and we highly recommend coming to Japan to get the full experience! But even if you couldn’t get here this year, in the meantime you can enjoy sakura at home!

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