The iDOLM@STER 765 MILLION LIVE: official Asia tour 2017

Support your favourite girls on their first ‘global tour’!

It's Taiwan time for the iDOLM@STER MILLION STARS

THE iDOLM@STER 765 MILLION STARS are headed to Taiwan (and maybe more? there are rumours, after all…) on their first live tour in Asia. FIRST TIME in Taiwan kicks off on April 22nd and 23rd. A Saturday and Sunday, so working wota don’t have to take as much time off. There’s one late afternoon show on each day.


How come the 765 MILLION STARS haven’t toured this part of the world before?

They’ve done at least 4 MILLION LIVE tours so far (that’s 4, not 4 million), all within Japan. If you’re including other iM@S shows and Cinderella Girls crossovers, it could be even more. The first ‘tour’ was only in Nakano, Tokyo… Not exactly a worldwide expedition, but still super fun and high energy. This Taiwan gig acts as their debut full performance in another country.

Where will these idols go next? The rest of Asia? Maybe a European tour? Hey, other idol groups are doing it. You see BABYMETAL everywhere you look these days. And the Hello! Project group Juice=Juice is going on a world tour in 2017, covering 7 countries. It wouldn’t be impossible.

Who’s your one-in-a-million idol?

The girls (and their voice actresses) taking part in the tour are:

  • Amami Haruka (Nakamura Eriko)
  • Futami Ami & Futami Mami (Shimoda Asami)
  • Kisaragi Chihaya (Imai Asami)
  • Hagiwara Yukiho (Asakura Azumi)
  • Shijou Takane (Hara Yumi)
  • Ganaha Hibiki (Numakura Manami)
  • Kasuga Mirai (Yamazaki Haruka)
  • Ibuki Tsubasa (Machico)
  • Ogami Tamaki (Inagawa Eri)
  • Julia (Terakawa Aimi)
  • Toyokawa Fuka (Suegara Rie)
  • Nanao Yuriko (Ito Miku)
  • Nikaido Chizuru (Nomura Kanako)
  • Hakozaki Serika (Asakura Momo)
  • Yokoyama Nao (Watanabe Yui)

Count Ami and Mami as 2, and that’s a complete senbatsu 16. Who’s your oshi? Or are you more of a DD?

Idols you’d follow to the ends of the earth

Every producer wants to be in a front row seat to see their girl shine on stage. In Japan while the tour runs? Head to one of the cinemas showing the concerts on massive hi-res screens. You can find them in every prefecture – it’ll be at 11 cinemas in Tokyo alone.

Select cinemas in Korea and Hong Kong will also have the live concert viewing. It’s become the standard for iDOLM@STER concerts, and could branch out into even more countries in future. Like the Eurovision Song Contest, but far less disturbing.

Just remember that those afternoon showings are Taiwan time – 8 hours ahead of GMT, and an hour behind Japan. Don’t be late, or stupidly early. And don’t be shy, either. The promo page warns you that this isn’t gonna be your average cinema screening. It reminds you there’ll be people standing up, yelling for their oshi and waving glowsticks. Keep your popcorn out of the way.

Outside of those countries, you’ll likely need to wait until the DVDs and Blu-rays show up. There are some ways you can get involved, though… as we’re about to explain.

Ideas for idol goods

It’s easier than you think to get hold of official iDOLM@STER merchandise online.

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