The iDOLM@STER: tour goods roundup!

(Update: pre-orders for all items on this page are now closed. Check Yahoo! Auctions Japan listings on our website for resales!)

We told you that the iDOLM@STER 765 MILLION STARS are heading to Taiwan, to perform their first concert there. This weekend’s concert in Taiwan is far from the first – and there’s no way it’ll be the last, either. It’s not a concert tour without official iDOLM@STER merchandise. No way, no how.

There it is! Taiwan tour merch for all iDOLM@STER girls.

So if you’ve been following your idols carefully, you’ll know there’s a lot more iDOLM@STER concert and live tour merch out there.

Catch up on iM@S items you might’ve missed

There are ways to track down limited items, online and offline.

Spending an afternoon trawling through second-hand idol goods stores in Akihabara might work. Same for Nakano, maybe Otome Road in Ikebukuro, Den Den Town and Ota Road in Osaka, and idol otaku ground central in other cities.

Well, assuming you can get to Japan – and not all producers can.

Taking your search online could be tough. What if you can’t read Japanese? Yeah, you know your favourite idol’s name, nickname, colour, birthday, solo songs and seiyuu. As soon as kanji flashes up on the screen, you might as well be a total newb.

If you missed out on some of the new iM@S items released this year, here’s another chance to snap them up.

Limited tour items for select lucky producers

The most recent iDOLM@STER Producer Meeting was only last month (March 2017). ‘765 PRO ALLSTARS- Fun to the new vision!’ had a bunch of pre-event merch. In case you missed out the first time round, we’ve exclusively restocked some of the most coveted producer items.

For a start, when you’re quenching your thirst for idols you need a decent cup. Using the 765 tumbler shows off your fandom with every sip. Make sure you don’t get any on your Producer Meeting T-shirt.

For hot and cold drinks, like a proper tsundere.

Being Nickname-P around your faves is hard work, right? Wipe that sweat with the official 765 Producer Meeting 2017 towel. It fits easily into the smart and professional 765 PRO producer bag. A trendy messenger bag style and quality finishes inside and out make it the kind of bag you can really take to work. (Work supplies not included, get your own stapler.)

You can never have too many glowsticks. Never.

As you can see, the bag is just the right size to fit every single girl’s lightstick in. Yes, you can carry the right colour for all 45 idols who took part in the tour. And any important producer documents up to A4 size.

We’re only offering producer goods in limited amounts – hurry and order now to look like the pro you are.

Put a SMILE!! back on your face

Let’s go back even further. To January 2017, to the MILLION LIVE 4th LIVE TH@NK YOU for SMILE!!

Wow, that’s a long concert name with an unusually high amount of ALL CAPS. And you bet it gave producers a chance to add to their official goods collections.

On DEJAPAN, you can find so much 4th LIVE merch. So much. Like the full 12-piece lightstick set to put in your producer bag. They tend to only allow certain kinds of lights in venues, so make sure you’ve got an approved version. See, we told you that bag would come in handy. The glowsticks come in a special box as well, giving you extra storage options.

Who's your fave? We won't tell the others.

Throw the official 4th LIVE hoody over your T-shirt whenever you’re feeling chilly. And if it’s warm enough – or the kind of sauna-level temperature most iDOLM@STER concerts reach – show off the shirt instead. The T-shirt is S size and the hoody’s an M size, keeping it comfortably loose.

For fans seeking an extra special memento, there’s even a B1-size iDOLM@STER wall tapestry. Well, we say ‘tapestry’, there’s no sewing or weaving involved. Not quite a poster, not quite a hanging scroll.

Any smaller and they'd have had to miss someone out.

Count ’em – there are 37 idols, in performance costumes, on one colourful banner. Some with microphones, some with megaphones, and some just happily smiling at you. This was a pre-sale item only, so fans couldn’t even get it at the venue. And with a limit of 3 per order, this is one of the most exclusive iDOLM@STER goods we have in stock.

Here we go!

Find new and classic iDOLM@STER tour goods HERE – before they sell out.

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