No brand girls: Love Live! (& Sunshine!!) merch for every μ’s & Aqours member

Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!! are way more than just hit idol anime shows. They’re the most popular search phrases on our website. Have been for months and months. You guys can’t get enough, huh?

Whoever your best girl is – whether you’ve got a dedicated oshimen or you’re a DD fan – there’s official merch out there for every single girl. So we wanna make it a bit easier to decide on something. Pick your favourite, and see which member goods we’ve picked out to show you.

(AND you can click on the name of any girl to view all search results for her in one place!)

Love Live!

The original series is still the best for many 2D idol fans. Bang Dream who? Cling to that nostalgia with goods and DVD/Blu-Ray sets from the final μ’s tour, μ’sic Forever.

Hey, did we post that twice? Nope. The only difference between the 2 box designs is ‘Day 1’ and ‘Day 2’ in the top right corner. Like the hardest idol ‘spot the difference’ ever.

Tojo Nozomi

When you think ‘Tojo Nozomi’, what do you think of? Well, cosplayers might be thinking “How the hell do I get that long purple hair?” Obviously, there’s a cosplay wig for that.

Some wigs come already tied into pigtails. Others can be braided, curled, and tied up however you like. Having purple hair is pretty cool, even when you’re not in costume.

Nishikino Maki

If DEJAPAN had the only ranking that mattered, Maki’d be the most popular member of all time. Of all time. She’s multi-talented and comes from a rich family. Everyone wants a waifu like that.

When she’s on the front of a phone case, you can always have best girl Maki by your side. If you put your phone down, her bright red image colour should help you remember where.

Kousaka Honoka

Ah, Honk. The best face you’ll see all week is on the Honoka nesoberi. One look at that huggable plush, and we were hooked on Honoka.

There’s a ‘sleeping’ face design and out there somewhere, but the ‘Ermagherd’ Honk neso wins hands down. You’ll see that face on many of her nesoberis, like concert costume versions and the Otonokizaka school uniform one.

Ayase Eli

If we knew why Eli figurines have some of the weirdest costumes and the shortest skirts, we’d tell you. What even is this one?

Eli makes crazy costumes work, somehow. She looks good (harasho?) as a scale figure, a prize figure, or a Nendoroid. Honoka did say she’s got a good body. Those early years of ballet practice must’ve paid off.

Minami Kotori

An idol and a ‘legendary maid’ in Akihabara – we can see why you’d choose Kotori as your oshimen. Kotori-fy whatever idol music you’re listening to with special themed headphones.

The brand itself’s called ‘KOTORI loves. 101’, in a great coincidence. They’ve made headphones for the other Love Live girls, and for other anime shows like Touken Ranbu.

Sonoda Umi

Umi’s the true ‘orthodox idol’, coming from a family that’s talented in Japan’s traditional arts. And she can be part of your modern idol fandom life, as part of a sturdy smartphone stand.

We feel like Umi’s a girl who takes good care of other people’s phones. You can trust her for sure. She gets cranky if you wake her up early, so she’ll protect your phone until the alarm’s meant to go off.

Hoshizora Rin

Yellow is Rin’s main colour – if it suits you too, pick up as many yellow tees and accessories as you dare. She’s wearing something yellow in lots of official Love Live Sunshine goods, just to be extra clear.

In a confusing move, lime green and teal are also associated with Rin sometimes. What colour glowstick are you meant to wave at concerts? (See, this is why you get a Kingblade. Way easier.)

Yazawa Nico

What makes so many people choose to cosplay as Nico Nico Nii? Anyway, you’ve got a lot of Nico cosplay outfit choices. The ‘little devil’ costume’s popular with cosplayers around the world. Even non-Love Live fans should recognise this.

We went to Nipponbashi Street Festa earlier this year, and it felt like Nico central. Devils everywhere. The queues for the purikura booths were crazy.

Koizumi Hanayo

Some girls are born idols – it feels like Hanayo’s wanted to become an idol forever. And her normal shy, quiet personality makes her perfect for a solar-powered bobblehead mascot.

(The ‘yo’ in ‘Hanayo’ means ‘sunshine’ too. Cool, huh?) Yeah, she’ll sit there and wiggle her head for ages. Shame they didn’t make an alpaca bobblehead. Hanayo is also responsible for a lot of Love Live alpaca merch…

Love Live! Sunshine!!

The 2nd season of LLS starts in October 2017, not all that long after we’ve published this blog post. Fans are split over who should be centre (well, duh), but they’ve got something in common. Everyone wants a Love Live Sunshine Kingblade.

Programming your Kingblade with the ‘right’ colours is the fun part. Stick with your oshi’s image colour, or switch to different girls with different songs. And don’t forget to go blue during Mirai Ticket and Koi ni Naritai Aquarium.

Takami Chika

Without Chika’s persistence and enthusiasm, we wouldn’t be blessed with Aqours at all. She features on a bunch of Love Live Sunshine tapestries coming out later this year. Hey, if you’re reading this later than that, they’re out now!

Feel the energy! It’s lovely to see the Aqours girls smiling together like that. Chika’s known for being sociable, and her vivid orange image colour is ‘Vitamin C’ bright. To her, making friends is as easy as falling off a bucket at an onsen.

Kurosawa Dia

The scale figures of Dia make it clear just how long her legs are. Long legs and beautiful long black hair. So long that we couldn’t fit all of her into this collage… but you get the idea.

She’s so elegant, right? As expected of the student council president. Calm, cool, and charming. An onee-chan we can all look up to. Once you decide where to place your new figure collection.

Kurosawa Ruby

What’s your Rubesty option for merch from Japan? Maybe something small and cute, like Ruby herself. A phone strap or phone case? Badges? A mini neso, maybe? The Love Live Sunshine Happy Party Merch Train keeps on rolling, so you’ve got choices.

Those Aqours cord holders have great looks on their faces. Ruby’s has her usual shy face on – she’s even blushing.

Matsuura Kanan

We feel like Kanan fans should take extra pride in Happy Party Train merch, to celebrate her first centre position in a single.

It was a long time coming, and a drama-style comeback. Kanan came last in the 1st Aqours centre election. To be top of the list for the group’s 3rd single is impressive.

Kunikida Hanamaru

Next to 8 other fun and cute girls, Hanamaru stands out. It’s that accent! Annoying on other people, cute on Kunikida-chan. So our merch pick’s gotta be something with ‘zura’ written on it. How about the T-shirt?

For idols, a catchphrase is essential. Hanamaru’s grown up with one ready made. And it’s easy to remember, which is so important! It’s true, the temple girl life preps you for school idol stardom, zura.

Watanabe You

Ever since You became a SEGA game centre image girl, the SEGA collab goods have ramped up. But really, if you wanna talk about a super popular item… it’s gotta be the YOU hat.

You-soro! Aye aye, cap fans. Naturally for the girl in charge of Aqours costumes, those hat designs are on point. The yellow/pink one’s more well known, because You wears it herself in the anime. And the others are cool too. Check that anchor on the (ocean) blue version.

Tsushima Yoshiko

The search for Yoshiko merch is a challenge. One that can confuse even the die-hard otaku. Do you look for ‘Yoshiko’, or ‘Yohane’? Or ‘Yohane, the fallen angel’? Well, it doesn’t matter. It’s all still super goth looking.

If black suits you best, no problem. It goes with everything, after all. And we’d say the Yoshiko hoody is more grey (like her image colour) than black. Oh wait, there is a black version? Of course there is.

Sakurauchi Riko

Riko, like Hanayo and Kotori, was destined for an idol life. You can see that in her (super pink!) trading card sets. Sakurauchi = sakura pink. Makes total sense.

Transferred schools from idol mecca Akihabara in Tokyo – from Otonokizaka, no less. Became a μ’s member at Uranohoshi. Knows how to paint, cook, play the piano, and post for idol photos. Is there anything Riko can’t do?

Ohara Mari

Honestly, that cute little twist in Mari’s hair makes everything look better. It sure adds a finishing touch to the rubber mascots.

These little Mari mascots are for the lucky – they come out of gacha machines at random. Put your coins in, cross your fingers and hope best girl rolls out. Individual girls and full sets are nearly always being resold on Yahoo! Auctions.

Can’t decide on an oshimen?

Being a DD is easy, because DEJAPAN’s got merch for pretty much any idol that catches your eye.


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