Smell like a unicorn, ufufu: Vasilisa perfumes & scents

Watch enough Japanese variety TV shows, and/or the commercials in between, and you’ll know about Rola.

It’s safe to say she’s one of the most famous people in Japan. As well as appearing on TV, starring in movies and adverts, and modelling for magazines, Rola’s also a bit of a businesswoman. She named a new wave of purikura machines. In 2014, she had promo/commercial contracts with 13 Japanese companies.

And she ‘produced’ the Vasilisa range of perfumes and body sprays.

To Rola’s credit, the scents are very rich and appealing, with nice packaging, and not too expensive. Vasilisa’s become a popular brand name inside and outside Japan since it launched in 2013, with a strong following across the rest of Asia.

Now, we’re gonna introduce the range to you, too.

Precious perfumes, in precious glass bottles

Let’s start with the top-end fragrances. Because yeah, weirdly the Vasilisa product line-up includes actual perfumes. They’ve got trendy names like ‘My Way’, ‘Little Secret’, and ‘Garden Waltz’.

Each one comes in a proper glass container. These most embody the ‘precious time, precious scent’ catchphrase. Well, you wouldn’t want to drop one, or leave it rolling around in the bottom of your bag…

Rosy Rosy, or Little Secret, or Nude One?

They’re priced reasonably but logically for eau de parfum – ‘My Way’ was 3,000 yen for 40ml at the time we wrote this. Hey. it’s less than Chanel charges for the same amount of amazing-smelling liquid. But it’s not so cheap that you feel cheap wearing it. A nice balance.

A bright and fresh body mist collection

For everyday scent, swap the glass perfume bottles out for plastic. Vasilisa body sprays include ‘Creamy Vanilla’ and ‘Sunny Cocktail’.

‘Body mist that’s packed with Rola’s happy aura’. As Japanese product concepts go, it’s an interesting one. Every bottle has an individual label design reflecting the scents inside. Many of the Vasilisa packaging designs are by artist/designer Sawada Chihiro.

A super colourful range of body mists

Just like perfumes, the body sprays have top, middle, and bottom notes. Take one of the newest ones, ‘Sheer Bouquet’ in the white bottle. It starts off with fresh citrus, has rose and jasmine scents in the middle, and settles down into cedarwood, amber, and musk. That’s way more depth than your average body spray!

Find your spirit animal, in scent form

Vasilisa perfume sticks have been driving fragrance fans crazy – in a good way.

All the perfume sticks have names, an animal design, and a mix of flowery/fruity scents:

  • Benjamin (a cat, pear and jasmine)
  • Melissa (a rabbit, berry and vanilla)
  • Anna (a parrot, peony and rose)
  • Oliver (a lion, peach and freesia)
  • Fiona (a unicorn, cherry and marshmallow)

‘Benjamin’ and ‘Melissa’ came 2nd and 3rd on Japanese beauty review site Cosme’s ‘best fragrance’ ranking for the first half of 2017. And ‘Anna’ and ‘Oliver’ are the 2 highest-rated Vasilisa products as voted for by Cosme users. ‘Oliver’ is, in fact, the 10th best perfume on the whole site, up against scents by Dior and Chanel.

Discover a new fragrance you’ll love wearing

Plenty of big shops in Japan stock Vasilisa perfumes and body sprays: Loft, Donki, Plaza…

…and that means you can buy them via DEJAPAN. Take a look at what’s listed on our website any time.

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