Maison de Reefur: House of pink and glamour

The Daikanyama area of Tokyo is home to a rare Maison de Reefur shop in Japan. This exclusive boutique keeps high fashion fans satisfied with the latest clothes, accessories, and daily items like stationery and drinks tumblers. You can make your whole life a Maison, if you want.

More ‘red carpet’ than ‘welcome mat’

Maison de Reefur is (appropriately) French… for ‘House of Reefur’. We couldn’t get that last word to translate, no matter how hard we tried. Because it’s how you say ‘Rinka’ in Chinese…

The brand and style are ‘produced’ by Rinka, popular Japanese fashion model and talent. Well, she’s a quarter French, that counts. And with a whole fashion-conscious fanbase waiting right there, opening a shop was the sensible choice.

The Daikanyama shop stands out, even as part of an upmarket complex. It’s nestled in close to coffee shops, fancy restaurants, and 2 art galleries. Yet you can’t help but look at the shop front and peek in the windows. It’s clearly a unique brand, one that fits in perfectly with the other stylish retail residents.

It’s a little… imposing… for regular nerds like us. You won’t see us at Tokyo Fashion Week. Were we dressed well enough to go in? Did we look like we could afford to shop there? Were they gonna laugh our otaku butts back out the door?

Luckily, the shop staff are friendly and helpful when you step inside. Almost too helpful. Turn around, and there’s probably someone standing right behind you. They’re waiting to give advice and stuff, not to scare the life out of you, but try not to scream.

Where fashion meets art, and you can meet both

Every shelf and table is arranged with the elegance and precision of an art exhibition. Items are set out in perfectly spaced lines, and artful piles of smaller interesting things lie in deep glass bowls. It’s like wandering around a museum.

So you don’t just pick up something you like and pop it in your shopping basket. Nope, you point to the thing you want, and a shop assistant will fetch a brand new one from the stock room. Hey, at least that way you know no other fashionista’s had their hands on your stuff.

Using the Maison de Reefur online shop’s way less intimidating. They also recently listed a bunch of items on Rakuten Marketplace. (And if you’re not in Daikanyama, online is the only way.) But their international delivery’s a bit complicated, so maybe we can help you with that.

Be bold, feel brave, embrace colour

Maison de Reefur collections often involve a lot of pink. And black, gold, and leopard print. Some items have all 4 of those things. They’re like brand hallmarks. It’s a style that goes through the whole range and the entire Daikanyama shop.

The massive upcoming bag range, in a special collab with Le Sportsac, is completely leopard. (With pink inner lining.) And we’re talking 10+ different bags, rucksacks and purses here. If that’s not brand identity, we don’t know what is.

Luxury fabrics and materials across the clothing range are the finishing touches. Lace, fake fur, thick knits, silk, satin, and some ‘vintage’ satin. You’ll also see pieces from world-famous fashion designers (like Stella McCartney) on the Maison de Reefur website every so often.

Anyone looking for this season’s ‘statement piece’ can find fun English statements on a bunch of Maison tops and bags. They’re pretty safe, compared to the stuff on… say… Pop Team Epic t-shirts.

A key detail keeping the brand’s many ranges together is the instantly recognisable brand typeface. That trademark cohesive style extends to Maison de Reefur stationery – the font for sure, and the colour scheme as an extra touch.

Match a pink notebook and pink pencil case with a pink pen, pink post-it notes… we could go on.

And we haven’t even talked about the homeware and tableware, shoes and hats, cosmetics, hair accessories, and jewellery.

You could get up, change out of PJs into trendy clothes, shower, brush your hair, have a cup of tea, charge your phone, paint your nails, brush your teeth – all with only Maison de Reefur items. Even the tea in your Maison mug, because they sell a selection of Kusmi blends too.

From a Japanese fashion ‘house’ to your own home

Like we said, an easy way to buy Maison de Reefur items online from abroad is via DEJAPAN. Check out listings on Amazon Japan, Yahoo! Auctions, and Rakuten, or send us an item request with the URLs for the things you want. You can order, pay, and arrange the shipping all with one account – totally in English.

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