Don’t sew, just go and geek out: cosplay stuff you can (and should) buy pre-made

Not all cosplay outfits are created equal. Not by the cosplayer, anyway.

Some people love spending hours crafting, stitching, and getting their costume right by themselves. Maybe you’re not that kind of person. And that’s totally okay.

Buying pre-made cosplay kit and accessories in advance of an anicon or event isn’t cheating. Sometimes, buying the whole outfit online – or at least the hardest bits of it – saves you precious time and sanity.

(All cosplayer pics via Flickr Creative Commons.)

Started from the bottom, now you’re here

Let’s begin with shoes! Unusual, we know, but that’s exactly why.

Being, as they are, at the bottom of your outfit, shoes are sometimes a final cosplay consideration. But they can make or break the whole look! You wouldn’t try and pull off a Bayonetta cosplay in ballet pumps or a Yuri On Ice outfit with tennis shoes, right?

Don't forget to appreciate cosplayer footwear!

Your choice is between super custom shoes or pre-made ones in a set size. Custom orders will take longer to make and arrive – this means you need to plan your footwear as far in advance as you can. Shoes are measured in centimetres (cm) in Japan, so double check the size when you’re ordering.

Don’t touch the hair

Reasons to buy a cosplay wig:

  • Your hair’s not gonna grow that long in time.
  • The thought of cutting that much hair off’s kinda scary.
  • That huge ‘flick’ at the top needs a whole pot of hair gel.
  • Your boss may not appreciate the new colour.
  • Your parents may not, either (depending on your age).
  • That unrealistic fringe will keep getting in your face.

In almost every situation, it’s safer to buy fake hair for a cosplay than to mess with your own. At least you can take a wig off with the rest of your costume at the end of the day.

A selection of colourful cosplay wigs.

Remember to get a hair net to go underneath! It makes putting a wig on way easier, and hides any pesky strands of your own hair.

Skip the sticky bits – you’ll have more time to watch anime

You’ve got the feathers and fluff. You’ve got the glue. Oops, you sneezed… and now you look like a chicken. Guess you’re doing a Final Fantasy Chocobo cosplay, then?

Next to sequins and rhinestones, fluffy things and feathery things are some of the fiddliest bits. They can be a real pain to glue in place – in the right place. And if they’re big or heavy, you’ve gotta sew them anyway to be sure they’ll stay put.

Step away from the glue gun! Cosplay wings, feather boas, and furry layers could save you from a serious fluff disaster.

Fluffy funky cosplay kits.

This advice also goes for pretty much anything that needs ‘attaching’ to your body. Like a tail, or claws, or hooves, or whatever.

Try not to do battle with your own sword

The cheap end of the weapon-making scale is ‘spray painting some cardboard silver and hoping for the best’. The expensive end involves a weighted fibreglass core, enough latex to make people assume you have a fetish, and hours of work.

If you’re not confident or experienced enough, trust in people who make cosplay weapons for a living.

Go for quality with cosplay weapons - always.

Pre-made cosplay swords, guns and other weapons are custom made to be well-balanced, safe, authentic, and high quality. When they’re made by the pros, they’ll look the part too.

Put the ‘play’ back in your cosplay

And take some of the work out.

DEJAPAN’s always got loads of cosplay equipment available, from places like Rakuten and Yahoo! Auctions. Try us when you’re looking for convention-ready shoes, wigs, accessories, and finishing touches.

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