‘Side quests and paid DLC’: add videogame merch from Japan to your inventory

Think about your favourite videogames of all time. (We’ll wait, go on.) How many of them were made in Japan?

We call Osaka our home – and so do Capcom, and Ubisoft, to name only 2. We’re in good company.

Collecting merch related to the games you love can feel like a side quest. Especially with so many Japan exclusives to hunt down. Gamers aiming for a 100% completion rate on their real world collections have their work cut out.

Some stuff’s obvious. Get the T-shirt, get the posters. Get that phone case that looks like a Game Boy. What else is there?

Shoes, bags, and accessories by Super Groupies

We’re a little in love with Super Groupies. A lot – okay, maybe all – of their stuff’s inspired by anime and games.

Literally wear your love of gaming with pride. On your sleeve, and everywhere else. They’ve sold Street Fighter sneakers, Ace Attorney wristwatches, Persona 5 leather accessories, and more ‘Tales Of’ stuff than we can list. And it’s not just ‘print a kawaii face on it, we’re done.’ Come on, seriously, how cool are these Gyakuten Saiban shoes?

Court heels?

Many of these things are made to order. And Super Groupies will sneakily never tell you how many they’re gonna make. Orders could close at any time! So you know you’re getting super unique merch, that’s only been produced in limited numbers.

You can find Super Groupies stuff on our website (via Amazon), or send us the item URLs to make specific requests.

Conbini collab merch

Remember when we tried to win a Legend of Zelda umbrella that looked like Link’s sword?

And a whole branch of Lawson in Nipponbashi got decked out in Dragon Quest this summer. We already checked out the one in Akihabara – the most obvious place in Japan to put it. Nipponbashi, here in Osaka, is second on that list.

When convenience stores and videogames collide, exclusive goods always follow. Sometimes they’re just there on the shelves, and sometimes they can only be won from in-store lotteries. Check out Yahoo! Shopping and/or Yahoo! Auctions to see if anyone’s reselling.

Amazon Japan exclusive releases

The idea of slapping ‘Amazon.co.jp only’ on something is to make it impossible to find anywhere else. Well, it was. And then Japan proxy shopping services like ours came along.

It’s not a cheat code. It’s not a glitch. What we do is more like… bypassing the region lock. Search Japanese Amazon in English, order stuff, and get it delivered internationally – all through us.

Games aren’t the only things Amazon Japan gets special versions of. Look out for console bundles and Pokemon GO Plus.

Discover the classics and the ‘RARE’ ware

Skip the ‘travel to Japan’ cutscene and order videogame merch online with DEJAPAN.

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