BIBILAB dakimakuras and roomwear: need a hug?

Everyone needs someone to hug. That’s a fact.

BIBILAB is here for you. With their impressive range of hug pillows and snuggly room wear.

The ‘lab’ bit of BIBILAB is kinda obvious. The ‘bibi’ bit is meant to represent surprising ideas. New things that are unique and convenient. And BIBILAB wants to make you happy, whether you were in the mood to buy something or not.

Glomp in your own special way, every day

Dakimakura – hug pillows – are the stand-out products in the BIBILAB range. They’re filled with thousands of smooshy microbeads, and the covers are fully removable and machine washable.

There are a few types. The ‘normal’ dakimakura made for anime pillow covers, the double one that looks like wavy pigtails, and the smaller smooshy one in brighter colours.

Oh yeah, and the ‘husbando’/’waifu’ hug pillows with arms and legs.

That faceless guy celebrating Christmas with his festively-dressed waifu could soon be you!

The human-shaped pillows come in different sizes, body shapes, and skin colours. Dress your huggable new life partner however you like. The ‘skin’ can be unzipped and shoved in the washing machine. It’s not cruel, it’s hygienic! (Covers are also sold separately.)

Keep in mind that international delivery for a dakimakura depends on the weight of the package. The twintail one’s nearly 4kg by itself.

Get a taste of that NEET hikikomori lifestyle

The other great thing about BIBILAB is that they’ve got handy products for when you want to be alone. Like the ‘bocchi’ private zip-up computer tent. 1.3 metres wide, and 1.6 metres high – make a new room inside any room big enough to hold it.

It springs up in seconds. No tent poles, no tent pegs, no tripping over a guide wire on your way to the toilet. BIBILAB made a handy video on how to assemble the Bocchi Tent. Here’s all you need to do:

With the main ‘door’ opening from the bottom, you can keep it half open and still not make eye contact. Everything fully zips up to create total darkness inside, for concentrating on the screen… or taking a nap at your desk. Each side’s got ventilation panels – sure it’s nice and dark in there, but ‘airtight’ would be too much.

When you’re in the bath, create the ‘Finland log cabin’ effect with a mini sauna tent. It pops up quickly, same as the others, and folds back down to carry bag size. BIBILAB recommends putting it over the bath about 10 mins before you get in.

There’s enough space in there to read a book. Or check your phone, if you’re that addicted.

Ironing is something other, less lazy people do

During some much-needed hug time, or an hour of precious darkness at the computer, maybe you’ll want to be wearing something. Maybe… Yet again, BIBILAB is here for you. Choose between soft, warm and cosy onesies, or cute, sweet and lovely ‘school uniform’ roomwear.

The ‘nobody’s ever gonna see you naked’ fleece zip-up full body blanket keeps you fully covered. It comes in various sizes and colours, in a gloriously unisex design – go a size larger than normal for extra comfy-ness.

When it’s zipped up, it won’t fall undone like a robe would. It stays zipped shut when you move, even if you roll around on the floor. There are poppers at the bottom, so there’s no way to glimpse your butt. You’ll feel like a snuggly wrapped sushi roll all the time.

On the other hand, a Japanese school uniform would look more like you got dressed. Pick a summer or winter seifuku style. All designs are stretchier than normal uniforms, and they’re easier to move around and relax in.

BIBILAB wants everyone to experience wearing seifuku at least once, in the comfort of their own bedroom. Whoever you are, you’ve got the chance to cosplay as a classic anime JK.

Uniforms go with the matching ‘indoor shoes’ room socks. Grippy pads on the soles are always helpful – some modern Japanese rooms have laminate floors instead of tatami. Then there’s the slippy kitchen floor, and the bathroom, to think about. You can never be too careful.

Kawaiii! The socks are made with breathable fabric, so you don’t sweat through them. BIBILAB’s done their research here, and found that many Japanese women wear slippers or room socks all year round. Based on those findings, the sailor uniform room socks are specially designed to be cosy in winter and cooler in summer. A relief for everyone who hates wandering around in bare feet!

It takes almost zero effort to look this good

BIBILAB’s other major invention is a summer yukata you can put on in roughly a minute. Such a good idea that their crowdfunding project easily raised the target amount and more. They’re branded as PJs, but you could easily get away with wearing one of these outside.

The yukata itself is lined and ties up easily, and the stretchy obi sash stays put with elastic. The sleeves are longer than usual for extra comfort. A bow’s already fitted at the back – plus there’s even a fake fold-over at the front, like a real yukata would have. Slip into some geta sandals, put a cute flower in your hair, and you’re ready for a matsuri.

This might be BIBILAB’s best invention. Take it from someone who’s struggled through a bunch of ‘how to wear a yukata’ YouTube videos. It’s not fun to put on. It’s tough trying to arrange a yukata properly by yourself. Japanese summer is way too hot, and ‘frustrated and sweaty’ rarely looks cute.

Here’s something even more convenient…

Almost all BIBILAB products are listed on Amazon Japan and Rakuten Marketplace. So you can order them in English through DEJAPAN for international shipping. Find all of this cool stuff from Japan and more on our website now.

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