How to use DEJAPAN’s item request service

We already work hard to give you access to a lot of Japanese merch on DEJAPAN. If there’s something you really want that’s not listed, it’s easy to request it by sending us the product page URL.

To make this service even easier to use, we recently updated our item request system. Yay! Here’s how it works.

A new, more specialist proxy shopping service

The item request option’s been split off from our general contact form. Our customer service team’s here to help, but having requests separate makes things simpler for all of us. You can still use the main form to send us questions and feedback any time.

To get straight to the new request page, click here.

The easy way to request items from Japan

Copy and paste in the URL for the product page in the box, and then fill out the rest:

The URL, item name, options (colour/size), price, and quantity all need to be filled in. Copy and paste the Japanese product name from the item page, we’ll work with it.

When you’re entering the price, please check whether Japanese tax is included! If you don’t add it on at this point, we’ll charge it in your 2nd payment instead. In all other cases, if the price you give us is totally different from what’s on the product page, this gets flagged up on our system and we’ll cancel the request.

If the item doesn’t have any options, make sure you tick the ‘No option’ box.

There’s also a space to put in any other comments. Use this section to tell us if:

  • you want us to ask the seller a question
  • you want to know if the site you’ve linked charges for domestic delivery
  • you want to check the Japanese wording on the item page
  • the item’s only on sale for a limited time
  • there’s anything else we need to know to make the order

If that’s the only item you want, hit ‘Confirm request’. To request something else, hit ‘Add more items’. Filling in details for more items works just the same as before.

Important: during one item request session, you can only send us multiple links if they’re all from the same website.

URLs from multiple websites need to be submitted separately. We do it that way, because items from different sites might not reach our warehouse at the same time.

Let’s say you request stuff from 3 different websites. We make all the orders on the same day, and 2 of them get here real quickly. But the 3rd one… doesn’t. Maybe it’s a pre-order, or whatever. While you’re waiting on that, the clock’s ticking on the free storage time for the rest of your order. If those orders are split by site, you can easily just have the other items shipped without waiting.

Using request pages with your DEJAPAN account

When you click ‘confirm’, we’ll take you to an order recap page so you can double check everything. Edits can’t be made on this page.

Assuming it’s all correct, click ‘Add to Cart’. You’re then taken straight through to your shopping cart to place the order. At this point, it’s time to either log in or sign up with us.

Ordering straight away like this means you aren’t kept waiting on us to upload order pages before you can buy.

Using your DEJAPAN account also means the items are all registered in our system. That way, we can send you the usual emails when they arrive at our warehouse, when the 2nd payment’s due, and when they get sent back out to you. Nice and simple.

Go on, see how easy Japan proxy shopping can be

When you spot something you’ve gotta have, give the new DEJAPAN item request service a try.

2 thoughts on “How to use DEJAPAN’s item request service

  • August 1, 2022 at 07:53

    Hi! I would like to know how long it takes for an item to be purchased from the actual store once the order request has been successfully sent to you? There’s a figure I want to buy, but it’s limited and there will only be a few number of them on sale, so I don’t know how long it might take for them to sell out once the sale starts tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance!

    • August 1, 2022 at 08:27

      Hi! Thanks for your question!

      All orders are processed in the order we receive them. How long it takes to purchase an item depends on how many orders are in front of yours. You can submit an order for a pre-order item before the pre-order period starts! If you’re worried about the order limit, I’d suggest submitting your order now. 🙂


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