FUNKY FRUIT: young Japanese fashion in a blender

Are you ready to get funky?

Fans of J-fashion brands like Listen Flavor, Candy Stripper, 390 Mart and Spinns are gonna want some FUNKY FRUIT in their wardrobe.

Spiky like a pineapple, soft like a raspberry

The FUNKY FRUIT style‘s a mix of punky, edgy designs and trendy, ‘cool right now’ looks. Like wearing a fruit salad. Chopped and mixed sounds right, when you read the brand concept:

”Black, white, sometimes colourful. Fantastic/bizarre/unbelievable. For crybabies and the sentimental. A select shop with a distinctive characteristic, a different perspective with a teeny bit of poison.”

These clothes make a bold statement – and half the time, it’s ‘Damn, you’re loud, cut it out already’.

The great thing about FUNKY FRUIT is how it covers loads of fashion genres all at once. Goth, visual kei and goth-loli, pastel and fairy-kei, monochrome, punk, cyberpunk/cybergoth, and a pinch of natural mori girl. Even picking out a white T-shirt becomes an adventure, because of the 15 different patterns to go over it.

So what can you expect? We’ve sliced up the listings into some juicy finds. (All pics used in this post are via the FUNKY FRUIT website.)

Punkish kawaii Japan style

Most of the bright and energetic punky stuff’s under the FUNKY FRUIT ORIGINAL label. Including our fave, the ‘usamimi’ rabbit ears hoody in 5 colours.

If you’ve got another colour in mind… Don’t take this wrong, but when we think ‘cyberpunk’ we think ‘neon green’. So does FUNKY FRUIT – get a load of this black and green Chinese-style jacket.

(It’s also made in white and pink.) Add to the look with steampunk-inspired ‘antique’ goggles.

Gothic/all black

Let’s start with the fake fur eyepatch… seems like the logical place to us. When we headed for the ‘black/unisex/mode’ category on the website, this was the first item that came up.

Well, yeah, when you wear nothing but black you’ve gotta get creative to stand out more. A lot of the genderless clothes are plain black, but with individual twists. Another item that caught our attention that way was this damaged-look skirt.

Accessorise your midnight vampire co-ords with Conpeitou angel/devil earrings and necklaces. Some of the earrings are clip-ons, so it’s fine if you concentrated on piercing other bits of your face instead.

They’re a perfect mix of cute and creepy. That heart shape in the centre of the razor blade’s a nice touch.

Monochrome (with colour pops)

For those who want their outfits to be strictly black and white, FUNKY FRUIT’s offering clothes like these striped leggings and a chessboard-style checked top. There are a few yin-yang designs in the mix, too.

Oh yeah, and a shirt with a collar that looks like a sleepy cat’s wrapped around your neck.

Cute! Until you start seeing it like the cat’s trying to strangle you. Shrug, we’d wear it all the time anyways. There’s one with hands holding flowers either side of your neck as well.

Fairy, girly, pastel

Alright, let’s say you want something more crazy and colourful. No problem. Every pastel princess needs a rainbow tulle pannier skirt in their life. Or the rainbow unicorn pink skirt. Unless rainbows aren’t your thing, in which case you should totally pick the cupcake galaxy skirt instead.

Someone put that excessively frosted cupcake front and centre on purpose, and we need to know who. At least it goes perfectly with the ice cream hoodie and the fluffy 3-eyed monster purse.

Mori kei and natural kei

The key to the ‘natural’ look is layering – different colours, patterns and textures that all somehow go together. You can see what the brand’s aiming for in their pics for the long sash-belted suede skirt.

(Those socks! with sandals! yep, that’s Japan every summer.)

It’s great that FUNKY FRUIT has loads of different items, ’cause for this look you’re gonna need them. Tie a jumper round the waist of a long, interesting shirt dress, or cover up many, many, many layers of mori kei fashion with an oversized unisex long military trenchcoat.

Fresh smoothie fashion online, to pick whenever

You can find new FUNKY FRUIT clothes on DEJAPAN, because they’ve got a Rakuten shop and a Yahoo! Shopping store. And if any of the links in this blog post aren’t showing you what you want, tell us about it.

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