Literally cats in hats: necos cat cosplay zakka

When you love cats and you love cosplay, combining the 2 makes sense.

Someone else put that idea into action before you – they set up ‘necos cat cosplay zakka’.

Cool for cats (and their owners)

Hats for cats were already a thing in Japan, mainly sold as gacha prizes by Kitan Club. They’re super cute, like the aquarium set. And more than the little kawaii details, those cat faces in the promo pics really seal the deal.

(Whoever caught that shot of an annoyed cat being ‘eaten’ by a shark hat is a genius.)

You never know what you’ll get for your 100-yen coins, until you open the capsule that falls out the machine. Exciting!

But necos gives people the choice, with more variety (and better quality, and other photos of cats doing bleps). Sure, gacha’s got the elements of fun and surprise. When you want to know exactly what’s going on your cat’s head, take your pick with necos.

Nyan hats

All the cat cosplay options are hats or headgear. Good luck trying to dress a cat in anything else. There are top hats, bonnets, pretty bows, and head covers that look more like swim caps. Some fluffy, some shiny, some in multiple colours.

Only thing we don’t get is why so many of these hats have cat ears on top. The bunny ears, we can kinda understand. Putting fluffy cute cat ears… on a fluffy cute cat that already has ears… huh. Maybe we’ll get used to it.

It’s amazing how headwear changes people (and animals) straight away. Military-style caps give your cat that ‘guarding the house’ persona. A grumpy cat looks way less grumpy in a bonnet. And who doesn’t look smart in a top hat, huh?

The concept of necos is ‘fairytale girly’, with a side of ‘Instagenic’. We call that ‘Insta-bae’ (インスタ映え) in Japanese – a place, thing, food, or anything that’ll look awesome when you upload it. #nofilter needed. If you don’t mash that heart symbol when you see a cat in a hat on Instagram, you’ve got no soul.

And as if necos stopped at just vol.1 and vol.2 when it came to designs. Cat hat collabs with Rilakkuma, Care Bears, and Sumikkogurashi are all a reality. Ever seen a neko wearing an ebi fry? Now you can.

Cats and bears and then some more bears, oh my! Once you’ve got San-X waiting to shove a Rilakkuma face on your product, you know you’re popular. We predict necos is gonna be a big deal in 2018 and beyond.

Get your paws on all these kawaii cat hats

If you’ve got a cat, great. If you don’t own a cat, we’re giving you a great excuse to get one. Except we don’t sell actual cats, too risky (for us and for the cats). But we do have necos cat hats, go check out those.

To be honest, they’d also fit a bunch of plushies, kokeshi dolls, and maybe some anime figs, if you wanted. DEJAPAN’s where you can always find loads of stuff from Japan, with international shipping.

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