Hisoku character cosmetics: feel stylish in your anime-loving skin

Get deep enough into anime or video game fandom, and you’ll start doing weird things to support your faves. Y’know. Ordering a hug pillow… making an ita bag… building a shrine at the back of your wardrobe…

Hisoku’s character-inspired makeup helps you show your love where it’s easy to see. That’s, uh, on your face (mainly your eyelids) and nails.

Being a Japan culture fan isn’t something you gotta hide

So, Hisoku (秘色) – ‘hishoku’ if we’re speaking proper Japanese, using the kanji for ‘secret’ and ‘colour’ – creates cosmetics inspired by games, anime, and comics.

That’s literally their whole brand story. No ‘decades of history’ or stuff like that. But click on ‘company info’ and you’ll find Hisoku’s owned by Chara-Ani.

That makes way more sense. Don’t get us wrong, we’re happy this stuff exists. A tiny, brand new company landing anime brands this huge from the start? That’s a fairytale success story too good to be true.

Yuri!!! on Eyeshadow (obvious joke is obvious)

The show’s 4 main characters repped in eyeshadow form. Wait, 4? There are now.

Yuri, Victor, Yurio and Makkachin each have their own shade. You want dog-inspired brown eye makeup, you’re in luck. And they all come with a matching carry pouch. A bag that holds 1 whole eyeshadow… yeah, but it’s a Yuri On Ice bag that holds 1 whole eyeshadow.

The ‘ice skating’ theme’s out in force, with a skate on the lid (except Makkachin) and icy triangles of contrast colour in the powder. The pigments aren’t overwhelming – not even the ‘Yuri Darkblue’.

A 2nd stage of 4 would be… who? Otabek, Phitchit, JJ, and Chris, we guess. Green, more green, even more green, and… probably turquoise. Unless Hisoku sneaks a purple in there somewhere.

Dust for prints, and paint for awesome anime nails

Point a perfect manicured finger at the culprit, with Detective Conan (Case Closed) nail polish.

Every character’s repped by 2 glittery kirakira nail colours. Conan’s ‘royal blue’ and ‘baby pink’. Spot the mini bits of bow tie glitter! All bottles have those, mixed in with other shapes like stars, circles, and hexagons.

It’s not what you’d expect from ‘detective-inspired cosmetics’, and we kinda like that. Feature-masking face paint? Fake tattoos? Hair colours? Yawn, boring. Nail polish hides plenty and still feels ‘fresh’ – even if it’s on the wrong side to disguise your fingertips.

The applicator brush is mightier than the sword

The Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- eyeshadows come 3rd on the list… of 3 product ranges (when we wrote this). But take a closer look – for design and packaging, these might honestly be the most impressive. Gorgeous! So pretty, you might forget to open them.

Colour schemes on the box reflect the dual eyeshadow colours inside. They’re paired up so you can make a stylish gradation effect across your eyelids. Well, we take it you know how to do that.

And it wouldn’t be a Hisoku eyeshadow selection without those matching pouches! Designs on each side of the pouch match the top and bottom of the character boxes.

The secret’s out about anime-inspired makeup

Hisoku cosmetics are on Chara-Ani and Amazon Japan. That gives you the choice of either buying direct from the DEJAPAN website, or sending us item requests.

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