How to order from the Nogizaka46 online shop with DEJAPAN

We hope this blog post is an… influencer… on your choice to order Nogizaka46 goods from Japan.

So you’re a Nogi fan. You wanna order from their official Japanese web store. But you don’t have a Japanese address or credit card, and finding your way around the site’s tough.

Little secret: some people in the DEJAPAN team are huge idol fans. Huge. We know the pain. You need what we wish we’d had years ago – DEJAPAN’s item request service.

We’ll keep this simple. No need to walk you through signup and checkout in Japanese. You can request all items from the Nogizaka46 official online shop in English, using our handy form.

Step 1: find your faves

Here’s the Nogizaka46 shop. More stuff than any otaku’s got space in their basement for.

The store’s divided by item categories, and by individual girls. Helpful… if you know what you want. This is a great time to learn kanji.

Names to look out for:

生田絵梨花 – Ikuta Erika
生駒里奈 – Ikoma Rina
白石麻衣 – Shiraishi Mai
西野七瀬 – Nishino Nanase
堀未央奈 – Hori Miona
松村沙友里 – Matsumura Sayuri
桜井玲香 – Sakurai Reika

Merch keywords:

限定 – limited time/limited edition
キーホルダー – keyring
ミニタオル – mini towel
リストバンド – wristband
スティックライト – penlight/glowstick

Useful words and phrases:

予約販売 – pre-order
個別 – individual (different girls)
順次放送予定 – delivered in the order that orders are received
返品・変更はお受けしておりません – no returns and no exchanges

Drop product pages into Google Translate, so you can double check the details. If you’ve got questions, feel free to ask us.

Step 2: keep tabs on your shopping list

To use our item request service, you’ll need the product page URLs. Bookmark the pages you’ve found, or open new tabs.

Save the product pics too, if you can – we’ll explain why further down.

Where the item’s got options, like picking a certain girl/size/colour, take your pick and keep track. If the option’s got a circle, tick or triangle next to it, that’s still available. An option with a (usually red) X next to it’s out of stock.

Step 3: make the order on DEJAPAN

Click on over to the DEJAPAN item request form.

There’s a full guide to using the request form on the blog already, but we’ll take you through it here too.

Items that all come from 1 website can be requested together, yay! Copy and paste in the URL, name (Japanese is fine), options, price (don’t use a comma), and quantity in the relevant box. Prices on the Nogizaka shop include tax, whew. You don’t have to add those product images we mentioned, but it’s easier for our warehouse team to check orders if you do.

Use the comments box for special notes and questions. Like, ‘the site says if I spend X I get a free Y, please make sure it’s included’.

Add more items if there’s more on your shopping list, or confirm the request to continue.

Before hitting ‘confirm’, please read back and double check everything’s right. Orders with incorrect/missing info often need to be cancelled our side. And once items are bought and paid for by our team, in almost all cases the Nogizaka46 site doesn’t allow cancellations, returns or refunds. Which means we can’t cancel or refund it either.

Next step is the detail confirmation page. If it’s all looking good, tick the ‘Add to cart’ box. Details can’t be edited here – if you spot a mistake at this stage, the item needs to be cancelled and resubmitted.

You’ll need a DEJAPAN account to order with us. The prompt to log in or sign up is near the end, after you’ve confirmed your order details. Once you’re signed up, you can buy and request from loads of different sites. No need to re-register your info in every place – that’s a chore.

Decide on a payment method, and you’re done.

Step 4: wait for them to come home

After you request and pay for items, we’ll put the order in with the Nogizaka46 online store. Requests are processed manually, so we can’t promise an item won’t sell out or change price before we grab it. Cross your fingers!

When it all reaches our warehouse, we’ll send you an email. Log back into your DEJAPAN account, arrange and pay for international delivery. Some shipping options take less than a week.

Support J-idols from wherever, with proxy shopping

Oshihen to DEJAPAN, and it’s easier to be an international Nogizaka46 fan. Ask us if you need more info on using our item request service, or whenever you want to order stuff from Japan.

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