Bobon21: sweet-kei that’s addictive like candy

Arrange your wardrobe so everything goes together, and getting dressed every morning’s like pick’n’ mix from a candy store. Fill up your bag with super sweet clothes and accessories by Bobon21.

The sweetest fashion we’ve seen this century

Let’s start with that sweet-sounding brand name. It’s pronounced ‘bo-bon ni-juu-ichi’, not ‘twenty-one’. Makes us think of sugary bon-bons. Safe to assume the ’21’ reps the 21st century, too.

The producer, designer, and image model for Bobon21 is Rimo-chan. Like the kawaii Kylie Jenner of Japanese girly-kei? She loves eating sweet things (duh), drawing, and collecting cute accessories for her pink bedroom.

The idea with the sweet-kei concept is that you end up looking and feeling… doll-like. As lovable and cute as you can be. Sometimes, you’re a clever genki fairy. Sometimes, you’re a spoiled princess who demands luxury. But at all times, you’re sweet to the extreme.

Bobon21 wants to make your sugar plum fairy princess dreams come true, all at once.

If anything, the super wish-granting fairy here is Rimo-chan. She’s got her work cut out. No wonder the number 1 thing she wants to do in life is ‘get more sleep’.

You can keep up with Bobon21 news on their official Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Life in pastels, it’s fantastic

When we say ‘look as much like a doll as possible’, we’re not kidding. Some of these poses are like audition shots for ‘Barbie: the Musical’.

If you start to get the feeling there’s something real similar about all the item pics… it’s Rimo-chan. She’s the clothes model in every single photo – on the website, on social media, and on the Bobon21 blog. Hey, the designer knows how stuff’s meant to be worn.

There’s a ton of pink and white in the mix, like candyfloss and marshmallows. Think of them as Bobon21’s base colours, to build your look around. Pastel-kei fans can pair those shades with other pieces in baby blue, lilac, and biscuit beige.

Even the darker (and brighter) shades look cute and girly. Cherry red, Jolly Rancher blue, matcha green and licorice black add pops of lollipop colour.

We’re just not sure what kind of sweets or candy grey would be…

It’s easy to see how items from each collection can mix and match. And not just because the pics give us instant co-ord ideas.

Some clothes have such a unique look, they work with maybe 1 other thing you own. If you’re lucky. Bobon21 designs are sweet and stylish, but also pretty simple at heart. Enough that you’ll have an easier time deciding what to wear with them.

Sprinkle icing sugar over your wardrobe

Confused by the weird ‘international’ option (that costs 10% more…) on the official online store? We give you some easier ways to order Bobon21 items:

When you buy from Japan with DEJAPAN, there’s no service fee or commission. And we’ll weigh up your candy-coloured picks before shipping them out.

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