YOU+MORE!: home goods, fashion, and randomness for animal lovers

You, plus more? What more could you need in your life?

If the answer to that question was ‘a backrest covered in monkeys’, keep reading.

See more humour in every situation

YOU+MORE! is part of fashion and zakka megabrand Felissimo. The name’s meant to sound kinda like ‘humour’ when you say it out loud (in Japanese – ユーモア, ‘yu-moa’).

The concept’s ‘make every day more fun (and more funny), no matter who you spend it with’. When there’s someone else in the room, there’s always room to make your time together more interesting.

And that ‘no matter who’ really means everybody, whatever your age, gender, hobbies or life values. YOU+MORE! merch can start conversations between complete strangers. Sure, the conversation’ll always start with ‘uh, what the hell is that?’, but it’s a great opener.

Each item’s more than fun in itself – it increases the fun you’re having in that moment. Little things, like brushing your teeth or hanging washing on the line, become better and more vivid memories.

‘Hey, remember that time you wiped the floor with a shaggy dog mop?’ That could be you, real soon.

Turn your room into a kawaii animal kingdom

Most YOU+MORE! shop items are animal themed. Some aren’t, but a lot are.

Cats, dogs, bunnies, birds, penguins, otters, monkeys, hedgehogs, seals, squirrels and pandas. And even more. Enough to open your house as a zoo, and charge people to get in.

On a first look through the online shop, we reckon dogs get the most goods, followed by rabbits and cats. The many doggy cushions include one that’s got a whole fleece lap blanket tucked inside. That’s such a good idea! (So’s the cat hot water bottle cover.)

To be fair, the designs on everything are pretty genius, with a great blend between cute and realistic.

Check the ‘shibe on a lead’ drawstring bag, owl bottle case, mug cleaner bunnies, and hedgehog coin purse. All made with careful attention to detail on stuff like spikes, fur and feathers. All super kawaii.

Each item’s made to be playful, like owning a real pet but without the allergies or mess. Animals peek out of tote bags, wrap around phone covers, and stick out little oil blotting sheet tongues.

These are way more creative designs than just printing an animal face on a box. You’ll wanna look after these items when you own them, the same way you’d take good care of living things.

Be a cheeky monkey, and laugh like a hyena

Okay, now let’s talk about those non-animal exceptions.

And the only place we feel we can start… is with the ‘sexy daikon’ hug pillow. Get a load of this squishy hunk.

We’ve secretly been in love with the seductive giant radish for a long time. Kidding – we’re as weirded out as you are. It’s not the only dakimakura pillow cover on sale, but it might be the most unique.

Another YOU+MORE! item that’s been getting attention lately is the ‘sword in the stone’ keyholder pouch. The item description’s an epic tale:

‘Deep in the forest, a legendary sword sits sleeping inside a stone. Only a true hero can remove it, and when your hand touches the hilt, the cogs of fate start to move! If you pull out the sword, the door to a new world will open…’

Yeah, we’d buy it straight away. You’ll feel like a hero of destiny every time you’re in front of a locked door.

YOU+MORE! merch takes on religion as well as mythology. They recently revealed a blue wave-stitched pen case, made to look like Moses parting the sea when you unzip it.

With so many super functional and helpful designs in the mix, one ‘sneaky’ item sticks out a mile.

The handy cash envelope for giving people money (it’s the Japanese way) – it’s mirrored on the inside. So you’ll see double the amount of notes in there, at first glance.

Perfect for April Fool’s Day… kinda mean if it’s for someone’s birthday. Unless you know they’ve got a big enough sense of YOU+MORE! humour.

Japan’s where you can find more fun stuff

The only way to order every available YOU+MORE! item’s to buy them direct from Japan. Put requests in using URLs from the YOU+MORE! online shop, via our simple DEJAPAN item request form.

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