Make the Switch: how to order from the Nintendo Store Japan with DEJAPAN

Some nights, after work, we sit at a bar and wonder why we never bought Nintendo stock back in the day. People go crazy for anything with a Mario ‘tache or an Eevee on it. We could be laughing like Waluigi right now.

Nintendo’s popularity puts an online store in every region. And some people aren’t satisfied buying from the one they’re given. So they look abroad, to the Nintendo Store that’s in Japan.

Exclusive online content

There are items on the Japanese Nintendo Store that don’t show up anywhere else. On top of that, pretty much everything on there can only be delivered to a Japanese address. That’s where a proxy shopping service comes in, to help you get around that problem like it’s a banana peel on Rainbow Road.

The site’s split into categories:

  • Store exclusives
  • Games
  • Game accessories
  • Amiibos
  • Official Nintendo goods

Let’s see exactly what the rest of the world’s missing out on.

Nintendo Switch

As well as the console and games, find custom Switch docks, joycons (pairs and individual ones), the pro controllers, that all-important Mario Kart steering wheel, and accessories to match your current obsession.

If you know enough kanji to sit through the cutscenes, pick up some Japan-exclusive game titles. How about one of the Sumikkogurashi games? PreCure? Something kinda random?

Switch games aren’t region locked, so Japanese versions’ll work fine. As long as you can figure out the controls.


There’s no region-locking on Amiibos made in Japan, either. You don’t have to worry if a Japanese import’s compatible or not – and that opens up your options. The Amiibo section of the Nintendo Store has over 100 items, last time we checked, so it’s worth taking a look.

A few Amiibos have had Japan-only releases so far. Mostly ‘Monster Hunter’ characters… and Qbby. And there are times when only Japan gets reissued versions, like when Splatoon Amiibos came back out in 2018.

We’ve heard that Japan versions of Amiibo can have different details. That’s gonna stay unconfirmed to us, but go ahead and whip a magnifying glass out when yours arrive.

All the other stuff

Enjoy the irony of the Super Mario-themed international travel set being limited to Japan…

The Nintendo Store for Japan‘s sometimes got goods you wouldn’t otherwise see on an online shop. Like the ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Kyoto’ T-shirts from Nintendo Live 2018. Those were only sold at the venues – we thought they’d stay ‘you had to be there’ items forever.

Other items to look out for are non-Switch accessories, like Gamecube controllers and the Wii-compatible microphone. The Super Mario x Raving Rabbids collab figs count as ‘accessories’ too. We’re not sure Rabbid Peach would appreciate that.

Request from the Nintendo Store JP

To make an order, use the DEJAPAN item request form. You’ll need store page URLs for everything you want to buy, so keep the tabs open.

Pics should make it obvious, but just in case:

    • 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ – Super Smash Brothers
    • スーパーマリオ – Super Mario
    • ゼルダの伝説 – Legend of Zelda
  • 名探偵ピカチュウ – Detective Pikachu
  • 予約受付中 – pre-orders open
  • 予約受付終了 – pre-orders closed
  • 化粧箱のみdecorative box only
  • 送料無料 – free domestic (Japan) delivery
  • お届け(予定) – expected delivery date

Important: the Japanese Nintendo Store doesn’t let you put items with different delivery dates in the same cart. That mostly applies to Amiibos, but keep an eye out all the same.

Paste in the item link, name (Japanese is fine), any options, price (numbers only, no comma), and how many you want. Product code isn’t mandatory. And you don’t have to upload a product pic with every item – but that image seriously helps when we’re checking your arrived orders.

Use the comments box for any info you want/need to give us. Add more items with the helpfully-named ‘Add more items’ button. You can only request from 1 website at a time, FYI.

Before clicking ‘Confirm request’, do your own quick confirmation that you’ve typed everything in right.

You can’t edit any order details once you’re on the following screen, which is a chance to review what you’re buying. You can take out duplicates, though, if you’ve put the same item in twice by accident.

Trust us, you want to be 100% sure everything’s correct. The Nintendo Store’s terms and conditions include no changes, no cancellations, and no refunds once an order’s made. And if the info doesn’t match up, we may have to cancel it our side anyway.

On the page after that, tick the checkbox to add this triple-checked request to your cart. It’s gotta be added manually, for processing directly through our website.

You’ll need to log into a DEJAPAN account to complete your order. It’s fine to sign up at this stage, or use an account you’ve already got.

Go through checkout and pay with either PayPal or a credit card. We’ll email when we get your request, and again when it’s been processed.

To be continued…

Your order first gets delivered to our warehouse in Osaka. When it shows up, we’ll email you about next steps.

Buying Nintendo merch from Japan is the bob-omb

The Nintendo Store isn’t the only Japanese website you can request from, either. We’re happy to take requests from sites like Otamart, Surugaya, and Fril. Go ahead and bookmark the DEJAPAN item request form, for all your future Nintendo needs.

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