Lose weight while you work: Haruyama i-Suit supported by Tanita

Sitting down all day’s not good for you – so say those scary articles about healthy lifestyles. That’s bad news for business people, including office workers like us who spend hours at our desks. We didn’t write this blog post while on a treadmill, put it that way.

And what happens if you try getting more exercise during your working day? Good luck doing stretches and lunges in a suit. You might literally rip something.

Japan’s trying to come up with ideas for helping workers work out more, like that campaign pushing us to wear sneakers and walk to the office. They’re not all practical solutions, or likely to take off. But the idea of a business suit you can exercise in got our attention.

Feel less pressure, physically and mentally

Tanita mostly makes weighing scales, for people and things, and has done for over 40 years. They know their precise measuring stuff. And they know when to ‘lighten’ the weight loss mood – you can get Tanita scales that look like a Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, or Megadrive.

This time around, they’ve teamed up with suits company Haruyama on fitness-friendly business wear – i-Suit supported by Tanita – and a calorie tracker.

It isn’t Haruyama’s first go at exercise clothing or workwear innovation – they already sell a ‘stress-reducing suit’. The i-Suit joins a series of ‘health-conscious business wear’, built on clever suit-making and tailoring know-how. Same with the i-Shirt, which never needs ironing.

Tailor-made for greater freedom of movement

The i-Suit’s design is an original pattern, cut from stretchy knitted fabric. It’s the most flexible suit the Haruyama company’s ever made.

You should find it way easier to move in the i-Suit, as the promo pics try super hard to show.

Move faster, and take much wider steps, in these extra-forgiving trousers. The material allows for easier bending and stretching – great news for your knees (and elbows).

Compared to a normal, tighter suit, over an hour of walking you’d cover extra distance equal to a lap of Tokyo Dome. Scary to think about how much your pants are holding you back.

Get more active, one wider step at a time

When it comes to the effect on your work day, Tanita and Haruyama did their homework. They’ve worked out the typical amount of calories used on office tasks, to set a baseline. From there, subtle changes in your routine (and clothes) can only boost that burn level.

Sit in a meeting for an hour, and they estimate you’d normally use around 70-95 calories. By just sitting on your butt and pretending to look interested. In a business suit – one that makes it easy to jog to the coffee machine – think how much your calorie burn would go up.

If you want exact numbers for that, no problem. Tanita’s ‘Calorhythm Slim AM-122’ activity meter counts every calorie burned while you’re in the suit. Step up your exercise regime with the other functions, like intake/consumption goals and diet advice.

Japan’s got something to suit everyone

The ‘i-Suit supported by Tanita’ starts at 49,000 yen plus tax. That’s not bad, for a 2-piece suit with decent tailoring. It’s exclusive to Haruyama stores inside Japan, guaranteeing that made-to-measure custom fit.

To pick something ‘off the rack’ you don’t have to fly over and try on, browse other comfy Haruyama suits and shirts online. We show you those search results in English, and make it less stressful to buy from Japanese websites.

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