How to buy from the Keyakizaka46 official online shop with DEJAPAN

Keyakizaka46 official goods are sold on their Japanese website. For global fans, that’s… a pain. Too painful to make a ‘silent majority’ joke? Maybe, and we totally didn’t mean to hurt your feelings…

Get some sympathy – and lots of help – from the idol otaku here at DEJAPAN. You won’t need a Japanese address or credit card. Use our English-language item request form to order Keyaki merch online. It’s the option we wish we’d had.

Step 1: get your kanji and kana right

Start by checking the Keyakizaka46 web shop homepage.

Categories are at the top. ‘Accessories’ and ‘Apparel’ seem easy enough. Doesn’t look like you can search by members, so get hunting.

Keyaki names to try and read:

平手友梨奈 – Hirate Yurina
長濱ねる – Nagahama Neru
小池美波 – Koike Minami
渡辺理沙 – Watanabe Risa
ひらがなけやき – Hiragana Keyaki

Types of goods:

マフラータオル – muffler towel
ペンライト – penlight/glowstick
生写真 – photo print

Things to watch out for:

1回のご注文金額合計XXXX以上 – must spend at least XXXX yen per order
先着順定 – first come, first served
受付終了 – sale period over
順次発送予定 – delivery schedule based on when orders were received

If using Google Translate on the page doesn’t explain it all, email us before making your order.

Step 2: make your shopping list

We need the product page URLs for item requests, so keep those handy. Bookmark the links, keep all your tabs open, or whatever works best.

That’s a good time to save the item pics too, for reference. And choose your options now, if there are any. Stuff like colour, size, and the right girl(s).

Step 3: send the request

Ready to order? Head to the DEJAPAN item request form. As well as reading the walkthrough here, take a look at the full request form guide that’s already on the blog

Copy and paste in the URL, item name (Japanese), options, price (without a comma), and quantity. Tax is included on the Keyakizaka shop – saves you getting a calculator out. Images aren’t a required field, but uploading a pic of each item makes the warehouse team’s job easier.

For anything else we need to know, like sale timing and bonus gifts, pop it in the comments box. That’s also where questions (to us or to the site/seller) should go.

Click on ‘add more items’ to… add more items. Keyaki goods all come from the same website, so they can be requested together.

When you’re done, the next step’s not ‘confirm’ just yet – it’s reading back, checking for typos and missing info. If something’s not right, chances are higher the order’ll be cancelled our side. Once we’ve bought your items, the Keyakizaka site policy’s no changes, no returns and no refunds. And there’s not much we can do about that, so take the time to get it all 100% correct.

On the next screen, tick the box to add your requests to your cart. The recap of your order details can’t be edited at this point. Spot any mistakes you missed the first time, and you’ll have to cancel and resubmit that item.

To order, log in or make a DEJAPAN account – it’s okay to sign up as part of your request. And it’s the only account you need. As well as being able to request items, you can order from Rakuten, Amazon Japan, Yahoo! Shopping and Yahoo! Auctions direct on the site.

Sign in, check it’s all good, and make the payment with a credit card or PayPal.

Step 4: expect an idol on your doorstep

Complete the request, and we’ll process your order and buy from the Keyaki store. We do that manually, so we can’t guarantee that the price won’t change, or that the item won’t sell out. But we’ll get as much of that precious merch as we can.

You’ll get an email when everything’s arrived at our warehouse. At that point, you can go into your DEJAPAN account and arrange international delivery. If there was a domestic (in Japan) delivery charge, it’ll be added to your shipping payment.

With some delivery options taking about a week, you’ll have the goods in your hands in almost no time.

Break the glass between you and the official Keyakizaka46 store

The world of Keyaki merch’s nothing but love. Use DEJAPAN for access to Japan-exclusive goods online, whenever and wherever.

2 thoughts on “How to buy from the Keyakizaka46 official online shop with DEJAPAN

  • July 1, 2019 at 15:20

    what’s the product code?

    • July 2, 2019 at 00:52

      On the item request form it’s optional, so you probably don’t need to worry about it 🙂 but if you want to add one, use the code after the final / in the item URL.


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