Cospa: cosplay and anime goods on Amazon Japan

If you want anime-themed clothes, accessories and random lifestyle goods, you check out Cospa.

Merch that anime fans can’t live without

When Cospa started up in 1995, they were Japan’s first cosplay outfit maker company. Back then, they were called ‘Cosplay Paradise’. The name was cut down to just ‘Cospa’ in 1998, same time as they started creating more general stuff like clothes.

Cospa wants you to enjoy ‘spending a fun lifestyle with characters’. What a lovely Japanese brand concept.

They’re selling a bunch of fun goods on Amazon Japan – here’s a peek at what you could order. We can’t promise everything you see here’s still gonna be around when you click. But there’s always something new, so whenever you look you’re sure to find something interesting.

Clothes (mostly T-shirts)

Like we say, Cospa’s apparel range is big on tees and hoodies. The basics of any decent hikikomori outfit. Other goods include towels, tracksuits, and bags of all kinds.

Pop Team Epic’s been a solidly popular choice since it first got famous. Cospa keeps on making PTE goods, and they keep on selling out. The designs take ‘funny T-shirt with weird English on it’ to a new level.

Dressing yourself like a total otaku really isn’t hard. Cospa makes clothes in a nice wide range of sizes.

Smartphone cases

Is your order an iPhone? It’s okay if not. There are loads of iPhone-specific cases and more general smartphone covers on Cospa’s item list.

Double check the case you want’s gonna fit your device before you buy – ask us if you need advice on that. If you own a fairly new model, chances are there’s a phone case to match. Brick owners… you’re outta luck this time around.

After an ita bag, an anime phone case makes a great way to signal your fandom. Whether that’s for Cardcaptor Sakura, KanColle, Re: Zero, THE iDOLM@STER, or some other kawaii series. Maybe next time you get a message, it’ll be senpai!

Mugs, cups, and ‘mug cups’

Cafe-themed anime Blend S obviously gets a coffee mug. So do some weird and surprising others: Kantai Collection, Gundam, Hugtto Precure, Cowboy Bebop, Yuru Camp, and Darling in the Franxx.

You can’t go wrong with a mug. It’ll hold whatever you feel like sipping on, as you binge-watch a whole series.

Random stuff that doesn’t fit any other category

Some Cospa stuff’s too unique to describe. The things we’ve seen. Like… Madoka Magica glasses. Carabiners for anime-style camping. The Re:Zero tissue box cover.

And the ring made from Godzilla’s skin. We’re only half making that last one up. Cospa hasn’t done much jewellery before, so for this accessory they went all out. Give this ring as a gift, and you’re presenting your love with a tiny sliver of dangerous kaijuu.

It looks realistic (and creepy), but we figure if you pinch Godzilla you’re not getting those fingers back. A skin ring’s the ultimate way to prove your love and dedication. And if it doesn’t have to be your own skin, that’s a bonus.

Buy from Amazon Japan in English, with DEJAPAN

We focused on Cospa this time, but you can order thousands of items from Amazon Japan via the DEJAPAN website any time. And if you see something on the Cospa website you need in your life, use our request form to order it in English. All with no service fee or commission.

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