Saborino: masks, moisture and makeup in minutes

Perk up your face, in what feels like no time at all.

Take time off (your skincare routine)

The name ‘Saborino’ is a bit clever. In Japanese, ‘saboru’ (サボる) means ‘to slack off’ or ‘to skip class’. That’s where the ‘sabo’ bit comes from. And that’s the aim of the range – to appeal to people who can’t/don’t/won’t spend hours in front of the mirror.

So if you want smoother skin and hair, but with a low-effort, quick routine that gives you more time to mess around, Saborino’s the range for you.

Rise and shine, almost instantly

Saborino morning sheet masks are designed to work in under 60 seconds. There are options for different skin types… and your morning moods. Wake up with mixed berry, minty grapefruit, or kiwi and yoghurt.

You get 28 sheets in the full packet – not many sheet masks come in nearly a month’s supply, so it’s great value. To sample them and see if you like it, go for a small 5-sheet pack instead.

Pull a mask from the handy pack and slap it straight on your face. Other face masks come folded, so they’re trickier to unpick with your fingertips. Saborino doesn’t want you wasting precious seconds on that.

The main speedy claim, though, is that you can apply makeup as soon as the mask’s off. Normally you wait for the moisturiser to sink in, wait for the primer to work… with Saborino sheets, just peel it off and start putting foundation on.

Grab every spare minute of sleep

What started out as a day series spawned a night series. Evening masks infused with lotion and night cream, jumbo makeup remover wipes, and moisture-packed ‘oyasumist’. Tell them apart by the dark blue ‘starry night sky’ pack designs.

Like most of the morning masks, they all contain collagen, hyuralonic acid, and… honey. Don’t let anyone say a little sweetness isn’t good for you. Even the mist’s got a thicker, ‘night cream’ feeling to it. Remember to gently pat the moisture into your face when you’re done spraying.

They’re just as speedy to use, so you can hop into bed quicker. You won’t be sitting there 10-15 minutes, like most sheet masks tell you to do. Unless you’re hell bent on waiting for it to dry out, in which case Saborino says it’s fine to sit there for that long. But why would you?

Plus, the makeup wipes are huge – 30cm by 30cm! Enough to wipe down your neck and arms too. Only downside is it won’t work on waterproof stuff, like mascara.

No turbo on your hairdryer? No problem

Okay. Thought quick masks were impressive? How about a spray that dries your hair faster? Look for the cans with a cute little hairdryer icon on the front. The gold one’s fruity, and the silver one’s unscented.

Hairstyles longer than chin length can take a while to dry. If you’re going for the ‘longest hair on the planet’ Guinness World Record, we can’t imagine what your electric bill looks like. Anyway, Saborino wants you to stop complaining about how long you’re using a hairdryer for. And about how your mornings are so busy that you have to wash at night.

This spray’s best used before bed, like the night masks. Towel dry the excess water after a bath or shower, and spray your hair while it’s still damp. Then blast it with the dryer. You’ll get smooth, shiny clean hair, quicker than usual.

Sleeping on it’s no big deal, either. On waking, you can pretty much ignore your hair completely.

We’ve seen quick-dry hair treatments from jemile fran, but they don’t make it in spray form.

‘Rinse and repeat’ goes straight down the drain

The newest Saborino product (when we wrote this) might be a world first: 5 in 1 shampoo. Choose between ‘moist’ (blue) and ‘smooth’ (green). These 2 bottles are maybe the toughest to tell the difference between, so look closely before ordering.

You’re more likely to see 2 in 1 shampoo, blended with conditioner. This one’s also packing hair treatment, as well as scalp care, and that magic fast-drying formula. 5 benefits in 1 wash sounds like an amazing deal to us. Save time and money, with a single blob of shampoo.

Orange oil, olive oil, rosehip oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary leaf oil, jojoba oil, macadamia seed oil, apricot oil and shea butter are all in the mix. Sure, if you’re the oily hair type, that list might concern you a bit. It’s all to give you silky hair in the blink of an eye.

What isn’t in this shampoo is any silicone. Or synthetic colouring, sodium laureth sulphate, or sodium lauryl sulphate. Japan’s been leading the way on silicone-free and sulphate-free shampoo for some time now.

And hey, these bottles save loads of space in the bathroom. That’s space you can use for weird toothpaste flavours and armpit cleanser.

Trust Japan to simplify skincare and beauty

You can stock up on Saborino by buying through DEJAPAN. Check the links in this post to find all the items we’ve featured. There’s no service fee on orders, and we ship internationally.

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