Coloured mascara and colour eyeliner: 2 more Japanese makeup trends for 2019

They’re not a brand new craze – think of these colourful cosmetics trends like more of a comeback.

Every season (hell, every week), there’s a new ‘in’ shade to put on your face. Maybe it’s a cheek-popping blusher colour you’ve got to try, or a lipstick that suits every mouth.

For summer 2019 and beyond in Japan, the focus is back on the eyes in a big, bold way. And an intense eyeshadow by itself isn’t gonna be enough. Whether mascara and eyeliner are already parts of your makeup routine or not, they’re essentials for testing this trend out.

Layer up the colour on your lashes

Most of the time, you want a black, brown, or black-brown mascara, to give your eyelashes natural-looking colour along with the lift and curl.

Unless… you don’t. And that’s cool.

We first mentioned coloured mascara as a 2019 Japan trend a few weeks back, as part of the Stationery Cosme makeup line. The selection – themed around Coupy colouring pencils – has mascara in crayon shades like Moss Green, Marine Blue, and Poppy Red.

They’re not colours you’d normally think of for your lashes, and that makes them super interesting. Red mascara feels kinda like a Halloween thing, to us – hey, is that makeup, or are your eyelids bleeding? The blues, greens, pinks and purples look way more deliberate.

That’s not your only choice either. A couple other Japanese cosmetics brand to check for mascara colour options: Decora Girl (a sister range to Stationery Cosme), and Dodo Japan.

Plus, if 1 colour in the mascara tube’s not enough, you can always get 2. RMK’s W Colour Mascara’s double-ended, with a different colour for your top and bottom lashes.

Add even more around the outside

Achieving that perfect eyeliner flick takes time and practice in any colour. It’s worth it, in the end – and using a different shade can help accent (or contrast with) your eyeshadow.

One of Japan’s most popular eyeliner brands (for pencils and liquid liners) is Love Liner. Sounds like a romantic Valentine’s Day bullet train ride… but Love Liner’s got that good reputation for a good reason.

The weight balance of the aluminium tube’s meant to prevent your hand shaking as you draw over your eyelid. A 0.1mm point on the liquid liner helps out with accuracy. The eyeliner itself won’t sweat off, but washes away easily with warm water at the end of the day.

As well as standard shades of black and brown (and greige brown? you do you), there’s the Love Liner Glitter collection. That line-up brings out colours like Old Blue and Antique Purple.

Love Liner’s rep and popularity have led to high-profile character collabs with Sanrio and Disney. Their 10th anniversary range was fronted by Hello Kitty, and they released a set of ‘Aladdin’-inspired designs when the 2019 remake movie came out.

To give you another choice, there’s ettusais, the makeup and skincare brand. 5 colour options with their glitter pencil liner include Violet and Gold.

What’s the next super kawaii colour?

It’s easy to follow Japan’s makeup, skincare and beauty trends via our blog. We’ll report on the latest hits and trending products whenever we can.

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