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Every so often, a Japanese variety and tech website comes along with home and/or office products you’d never dream up by yourself. But now you know they exist, you can’t help but want them all.

We’ve covered online shops like that before, like:

And now there’s another: Gloture.

Go on then, what is

Time to roll out another brand concept statement. Japan loves those. is an e-commerce site aimed at business people, with apps for improving work efficiency, ways to create a more comfortable yet exciting office environment, and gadgets to help you refresh on your days off.

That’s our translation of the Japanese, anyway. And the name ‘Gloture’ is a mashup of ‘global’ and ‘adventure’.

The site’s got 3 main categories: for the commute, for the office, and for relax time. It hosts some products made by other companies, the same way we do as a Japan proxy shopping service. The important bit’s the accessibility – if you need it, you know 1 place you can find it for sure.

This isn’t everything on the online shop list, but we’re gonna show you some highlights (some of them are literally lights).

The dumpling lamp

At home or at work, sometimes you need something there on the desk to brighten the mood. What’s better than a kawaii, happy and smiling xiaolongbao steamed bun table lamp that lights up in 7 colours?

Get the ‘little B’ one, or plump for the ‘giant’ dumpling or the pair set if you’re feeling super hungry for cuteness. (Bamboo steamers not included!)

They work either plugged into a power socket or with 3 AAA-size batteries. You’ll need to get batteries separately – these dumplings don’t come with any, and we can’t ship most batteries internationally anyway. Find the on-off switch for each design on the bottom.

Whenever you wanna change the LED colour inside, give your big bun a boop. (Little B only lights up in bright white – still cute though.) It’s made with soft silicone, so it feels kinda like a real squishy dumpling.

The personal, portable aircon

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office’ll tell you – different people are comfy at different temperatures. Someone opens the window for fresh air, and the person at the next desk’s shivering under a blanket.

Having your very own air conditioner solves a ton of thermostat problems. That’s where the portable evaCHILL humidifier comes into the room.

Set it up where you need the breeze, pour water in the top, and switch it on. The system draws in warm air from around the machine, using water evaporation to cool it and add moisture.

It chills the specific area you’re in – a comfy personal space of about 3-4 square metres. You’ll also notice it filters dust from the air, which is never a bad thing. And evaCHILL’s been made to meet health, environment and safety standards internationally, including in America and the EU.

From a full water tank the aircon effect lasts roughly 8 hours, keeping you cool for a whole day’s work (that’s if you remember to turn it off when you go to lunch).

‘The world’s most locatable kids’ watch-phone’

That’s really what they’re calling it.

The proper name for this smartwatch is ‘myFirst Fone’ – a solid ‘yes’ answer to the question ‘should kids that young be allowed to have phones?’.

It works with a (nano) SIM card-only phone plan for voice calls, texts and emojis, and either the iOS or Android app. Being on the local 3G network lets you contact the wearer, GPS lets you know where they are, and WiFi’s there for added location accuracy.

Parents also get the option to listen in on their watch-wearing child without making a call. Guess that only sounds creepy if you’re not a parent…

Everything’s in place to keep kids safe – so’s the SOS ‘panic’ button front and centre. And if they travel far from their school (a distance you set) with the smartwatch on, the system’ll notice and send out an alert.

A 1.3kg augmented reality moon

The Lunar Pro is a super detailed, accurate and heavy scale model of the moon. That 1.3kg weight for the model isn’t counting the packaging – something to keep in mind for international shipping.

But that weight and detail each have a purpose. Look at the Lunar Pro’s high-res finish through the smartphone app, and you start to see more. Interesting facts about the moon’ll pop up on your screen, along with official data from NASA.

It uses satellite images taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, showing you every crater like you’re floating past in a space pod. Every 3D-printed pixel recreates that bit of the real moon, down to an insanely impressive 0.006mm accuracy.

One small step for humans, a huge leap forward in 3D printing and augmented reality tech. Yeah, we know that sentence isn’t as catchy. But we’re rolling with it like it’s a fake moon that weighs over a kilo.

For weird Japan stuff, go with the Gloture

It’s true that some of these items end up on other shopping sites. Use the links in this post to more quickly and easily check DEJAPAN for each product we’ve featured.

If you’ve gotta have it, and you can’t find it anywhere else, use product pages on to order with our item request form. There’s a full guide to using the form here on our blog.

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