MixWatch: take your time making a wristwatch you’ll love wearing every second

Is it time you put something new and cute on your wrist?

There’s a new option for that, the MixWatch series – a ‘toy’ range aimed 100% at Japanese schoolgirls. But we feel like these do-it-yourself deco kits could be just as popular with kawaii style, gothic lolita, decora-kei and girly-kei fashion fans of all ages.

Hell, it already won the ‘best girls’ toy’ prize at the Japanese Toy Awards 2019, months before the official release date. If that’s not ultimate proof that the MixWatch is good enough for adults, then what is?

Put a few minutes aside for some DIY

First thing you need to know about a MixWatch is that it’s not a watch. Not ’til you’ve put a bunch of the pieces in the box together to make one.

The series launched with 2 styles: Milky Sweet (pastel colours), and Girly Bitter (dark pink, purple, and black).

Each set includes:

  • A watch face
  • Face frames
  • ‘Design film’ face covers
  • Watch strap links (3 colours, 9 links for each)
  • A buckle and other strap parts
  • Strap deco parts

With all those bits and pieces, you can put together a complete watch that fits and suits you perfectly.

Ohhh, it sounds like ‘mix and match’, we get it

Making a MixWatch is easy. Anything marketed for little girls has to be…

First, add strap links to either side of the watch face, to find the right length for your wrist. That’s the great thing about making your own wristwatch – you know it’s not gonna end up too loose or tight on your arm.

It’s like having a charm bracelet, with the added bonus that it can tell you the time. The ‘active’ part of the watch, the bit that ticks, is proudly made in Japan.

You don’t need any tools or glue to clip the bits together – a huge relief for everyone. For anyone who’s super used to covering their hair in clips and decorations, it’ll feel like the simplest thing in the world.

Put the buckle on at 1 end of the links, so you can clip the strap in place. Then pick a film, a frame on top of that, and any deco pieces you wanna add to either side of the watch.

(Or, leave the whole watch bit off and make a kawaii bracelet. The instructions and promo videos say that’s cool too. Up to you.)

It’ll stay on while you’re out living that kawaii life. The parts are easy enough to unclip and clip back together whenever you feel like changing the design.

There might even be enough stuff left over for you to make a watch and a bracelet, and wear them together. Apparently, the pieces from 1 kit make over 1 million possible MixWatch design combos. Get both sets, and that’s… wait, 1 million times 1 million… okay, let’s just say we don’t think you’re gonna run out of ideas.

We also heard that the belt parts are made from dirt-resistant plastic. Yeah, thinking about it that’s maybe the number 1 reason you know this is aimed at kids. But that’s something people can appreciate at any age! As if anyone wants dirt to get into their watch, come on.

Don’t just sit and watch, you can buy this right now

The first 2 MixWatch sets are out in Japan from summer 2019. You can find both designs on sale on DEJAPAN now for international delivery.

We wanna be here for Japan fans, no matter what they’re into – fashion, figures, toys and collectibles, and anything else you can think of. Search the DEJAPAN website in English or Japanese to find all the fun, cool, weird and cute stuff of your dreams.

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