Get smart or get wet: Quizroid Hitoshi

He’s a mini quiz master robot – one that shows no mercy. The 10cm tall Quizroid Hitoshi is ready to be the new, super strict king of party games.

A small robot with a huge impact at parties

Quizroid Hitoshi’s a quiz game robot designed for all ages. It runs on 2 AAA batteries, sold separately. Doesn’t come with any, and we can’t ship them over to you. Expect a new set of batteries to last about an hour.

Let’s start on the front of Hitoshi, with those 3 red buttons across the chest. The one in the middle (surrounded by the blue splat) is most important, ’cause it’s the on/off button. The ‘mode select’ button’s to the right, with the ‘confirm’ button on the left.

Those 2 huge red buttons on either side of the head are an O – for ‘yes’ – and an X – for ‘no’. In between those, the ‘warning’ area at the front of Hitoshi’s head is the… Surprise Hole. What kind of surprise are we talking about? Maybe you figured it out already, but we’ll keep you hanging a little longer.

Don’t let that cute smile fool you…

There are 3 play modes: ‘Test Your Luck’, ‘Memory Power’, and ‘Quiz Game’. Switch between them with the ‘select’ button, and hit the ‘confirm’ button to start playing. Different icons come up underneath Hitoshi’s mouth, so you know which mode you’re in.

Winners can claim all the brainpower and kudos – and with Quizroid Hitoshi, the losers get something too. If you fail in any of these modes… you’re getting squirted in the face with water.

Japan loves those ‘batsu game’ punishments!

And… we don’t think it has to be water you fill it up with. Just saying. We told you this is a quizbot for all ages, sure. But if you’re playing with other ‘sensible adults’ then maybe you guys can agree to raise the stakes.

Use your brain, don’t make it rain

‘Test Your Luck’ should sound kinda familiar to anyone who’s ever played Mortal Kombat. Each player takes their turn to press the ‘confirm’ button (triangle) on Hitoshi’s front. That’s your spin of the roulette wheel on his face: when it stops, you’re either safe… or damp.

In ‘Memory Power’ mode, you guess if Hitoshi’s making the same face as the one he made right before it. Sounds easy enough – except you’re passing him over to the next player every time. Press the O button for ‘yes, this is the same face’, and the X button for ‘nope, that’s a new face alright’. Get the answer right 10 times in a row to clear the round together.

‘Quiz Game’ is a chance to seriously mess your friends up! Someone records a ‘fact’ for Hitoshi out loud, then presses the O button if it’s true and X if it’s a lie. That sets the question up. When Hitoshi speaks the ‘fact’ again for another player, they need to guess the truth and press the same button. The right answer means you’re safe, the wrong answer means you’re soaked.

They’re all simple enough for kids (and bigger kids) to quickly get the hang of. As well as that, 2 game modes don’t need words at all, and the other uses your own voice. So you can play with Quizroid Hitoshi in English, Japanese, or whatever language you like.

Face off against an unforgiving quiz master

Test your friends, and find out if they sink or swim when the tough questions start. Quizroid Hitoshi’s out to buy from Japan now, through the DEJAPAN website.

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