Japan’s fun and popular mid-range makeup: Canmake cosmetics

Japan’s known for a massive variety of beauty and skincare products. Sunscreen, face masks, Hada Labo, horse oil (yeah, we know), and weird collagen drinks are only the start. Once you’ve pampered and prepped your skin, there’s a world of Japanese makeup brands to choose from.

Walk around a typical Japanese drugstore, and a name that’ll pop out from bright pink shelves is Canmake.

A lot of coverage, for not a lot of cash

The Canmake selection’s nice and wide, from foundation to eyeliner and nail colours. They’ve got every part of your face covered… if that’s what you want.

Lean in closer to check the price tags (through your colour contacts and fake lashes), and we think you’ll like them. For example, Airy Cover Fit Foundation was under 1,000 yen when we posted this.

Good luck getting Kanebo’s Kate base makeup or any Shiseido foundation for that price – unless it’s a sample-sized bottle. No more emptying your purse to cover your face.

It’s not a super cheapo budget range with super low quality. More like… a reasonable, everyday makeup line. If you did a Canmake haul, you’d come out with decent items for the amount you pay.

Be a Canmake chameleon

Almost every Canmake product comes in more than 1 colour. Find base makeup and concealer for different skin tones, fruity lip glosses, and – shocker – mascara and eyebrow pencils that aren’t just jet black.

On top of that, some makeup’s multi-purpose, like Lip & Cheek Gel. If you need both, that is. There are separate lip tints and cheek tints, in similar bright jewel shades.

For the most colour choices, by a long way, check the eyeshadows. Between powders, creams and eye crayons, the ‘eyeshadow’ category’s got 12 products – in at least 2 shades each. If that wasn’t enough, Perfect Multi Eyes and Perfect Stylist Eyes come with 5 colours per compact.

Pay a little less for staying power

Value from the cost’s 1 thing, but is there value in how well this makeup works?

Let’s look at our fave cover layer – Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder (940 yen plus tax w/case, 700 yen plus tax for the refills). Out in 4 shades, including vampire-light ‘Matt Ochre’ for very pale skin. Use it as a base under foundation, or to set it afterwards.

Canmake’s keen to make you want this all over your face. The ads hype up that fluffy marshmallow effect.

Yep, this gets brushed over Kei-chan’s face every morning. ‘Marshmallow body’ means head to toe, you guys.

As a cover powder, it goes on evenly (with a kabuki brush), sets quickly, and feels like it lasts all day. Even with light coverage, you’ll notice the skin colour correction and pore-hiding effects.

Canmake claims the powder’s also SPF26 (PA++), which isn’t max strength but definitely helps. It also builds on the skin protection you get from other makeup layers. The BB creams are both at least SPF50, and every foundation and concealer’s got an added UV coverage level.

Makeup? Yes we Can!

If you’re in Japan, you can easily find Canmake cosmetics and accessories in stores. For anyone outside of Japan, the easy way to order Canmake makeup online is with DEJAPAN.

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