Virtual pets can play the genetic lottery, too: an introduction to the Tamagotchi Meets

We tried owning first-gen Tamagotchis and other virtual pets when we were kids. They weren’t easy to look after. They got so needy. They used to poop everywhere without any warning, and wake up at a stupid time in the morning begging to be fed.

It’s like original Tamagotchis were designed to show us kids how much stress we gave our parents.

Out of every Tamagotchi evolution that’s come along since, the Tamagotchi Meets feels like the one people wanna be BFFs with. We haven’t heard anyone complaining that they’re not well behaved… so far.

A different evolution in different countries

Outside Japan, you might know the Tamagotchi Meets better as a Tamagotchi On.

If it’s on sale in other countries in English, just with a different name, why buy a Tamagotchi Meets from Japan? There are a few reasons we can think of:

The Tamagotchi Meets came out first, and has more options. Only ‘Fairy’ and ‘Magic’ versions of the Tamagotchi On were out when we wrote this, in limited colours. By then, there were at least 3 other types of Tamagotchi Meets, on sale in more colours, and with more planned releases already announced.

One of those options is a ‘Sanrio Characters’ Tamagotchi. A Japan exclusive model! With characters and locations you can’t access using any other Tamagotchi Meets. Including Gudetama, even though there’s already a separate Gudetamagotchi version.

We heard that a Meets model can link to a Tamagotchi m!x via the app, but On versions can’t. Why, we have no idea, but if you want/need that app connection then it’s a downside.

Those differences make a Japan-made Tamagotchi Meets more attractive to fans. Even if they can’t read the Japanese on the screen. (It’s okay, help is out there!)

Hundreds of choices inside a tiny egg

A Tamagotchi Meets can do a lot, but as the title says this is an intro post. So we’ll cover some of the best and most interesting bits. Enough full use guides exist in English already…

With new locations to visit and other characters to meet, chances are your ‘gotchi has a more active life than you do. Plus none of the locations is an office, even for an adult Tamagotchi. Nope, you get back from another long day at work to find them doing the ‘poop wiggle’ in the kitchen again.

The chance to raise twins is double the drama. Looking after an original Tamagotchi was stressful enough, we can’t imagine handling 2 at a time. But maybe you’ll love it!

From 2nd gen on, the Tamagotchi you raise starts looking like a mix (that’s where the Tamagotchi m!x name came from) of both parents. Twins could end up looking identical, or they might be real similar but have their own features. The colour screen on the Meets helps with telling them apart, too.

There are over 1,200 variations to look forward to – use Fortune Telling to try seeing into the future with that. That custom evolution’s fun to watch by itself… but if you’re using the Sanrio Characters edition Meets, it gets way more fun to see what happens.

Any of the 11 Sanrio characters featured can affect that evolution look the same way. A Hello Kitty bow on their head, or a Pompompurin beret. Little cute Keroppi cheeks, Cinnamoroll ears, or that lazy Gudetama face. How Sanrio agreed to all their characters going in the genetic washing machine like this, we have no idea.

Add in how Tamagotchis can change colour if they eat too much of any one food, and… you get a virtual pet maybe nobody else has ever met.

Make friends with a Tamagotchi today!

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